I wasn’t on the train with Margaret Ferrier but my neighbour’s sister might have been, she thinks, maybe

Quite a headline, Ron. Do you think that means that the app is working, or what? Maybe it wasn’t her? Maybe you were too far away? If you only ‘think’ you were, maybe you weren’t? If I were you, I’d relax. Take a pill.

Mind you, did you wear a mask, wash your hands, keep a reasonable distance for the other passengers? As the train stopped in towns in the North-west of England, did you keep the windaes shut and hold your breath?

Why is the rest of your very long report about just about everything you’ve experienced in your life? I think it is.

Why has that last phrase in the headline got both ‘still’ and ‘yet’ in it?

I’ve often criticised editors but no editing at all seems a step too far.

4 thoughts on “I wasn’t on the train with Margaret Ferrier but my neighbour’s sister might have been, she thinks, maybe”

  1. The app only kicks in if a person has been in contact with someone for I think (!) more than 20 minutes, and less than 2 metres between the contacts. If you are on a train and someone has the virus in the next carriage, you won’t get the call! How stupid are people? If I go to do a big shop, by time I walk there, go round the shop, and walk back again, it’s possible, though improbable, I have been near to someone infected, because it’s what, one in every 170 in Scotland? If as Ron ‘thinks’, that would mean the app would kick in, we’d all be going mental with apps notifying us we were near an (SNP member! :-0 ) infected person every 5 minutes! Arghh! Train tannoy, ‘passengers, be alert there is an SNP nat on this train, they are probably wearing yellow, stay alert’!

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  2. Dear Auntie Prof John……

    “I was George Galloways pal/press spokesman for years, but the *Beware Nutters” APP*** did not warn me off”.
    “Can I get my money back”?
    Thanks, Ron.

    ***——-the “Beware Nutters APP”, will light you up, when a Nutter, Huckster or Chancer enters your personal space—–free from all recommended porkie pie retailers—- Hootsmon, Herod, Torygraf etc.
    Trumpian Futures Inc.

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  3. Next a book, TV series, Film, Netflix. Charades. It has legs and will run and run and run. International recognition. Instead of following the guideline and putting on a mask. Trainspotters. A great success. Unfortunately leading to many deaths. The cast full of it. Trump now playing up to it. Now using it for campaign purposes. Apprentice politician. Medical emergency. Acting out a bit. Survival instinct.

    Jame Bond cancelled. Out of release of cinemas for a while. Hone schooling and home movies now the norm. Distancing acting. Social media. Utube fir beginners enjoying international success.

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