One man, 75 directorships!

From BBC Scotland yesterday:

The delay in allowing fans to return to stadiums in Scotland is “political, rather than clinical”, say two of the country’s top football administrators. Scottish FA vice-president Mike Mulraney made the claim on BBC Radio Scotland – and was supported by SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster.

It was quite a surprising and puzzling claim so I thought I’d see if I could find any context for Mr Mulraney’s comments. There’s no sign of any political allegiance just an astonishing workload apparently. As well as being the SFA vice-president, he is the Alloa chairman, a director at The National Stadium plc, Hampden Park Stadium Ltd and a director of around 70 other companies, from Tinmonitor 1 and 2 to Intelligent Healthcare Ltd!

I’m no wiser about the supposed ‘political’ accusations and even less wise about the business world surrounding Scottish football but how has he the time to do all this?

Doncaster is ‘small beer‘ by contrast with only 2 directorships, the SFA of course and The National Stadium Sports Medicine Centre. Isn’t SPFL CE a full-time job?

12 thoughts on “One man, 75 directorships!”

  1. These people care about nothing but lining their own pockets. OK, if matches are reopened to fans, make them sign on the dotted line that they will take full responsibility when infection rates sky rocket among the fans and in their communities. They can pay for furlough, healthcare where needed, childcare where needed, funerals, etc, everything that is the consequence of their greed. That should sort it.

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  2. The SNP need to be careful here. Normal common sense doesn’t apply when it comes to football. If clubs start going under, the SNP might pay a heavy price at the ballot box.


    1. If people start dying in their droves due to matches going ahead, the SNP will definitely ‘pay a heavy price’. The real enemy, and danger comes from the club management and the media. Turn it around, if they gave out a clear message to fans, that this is for the best of all for them and their families and communities, and is only temporary, there would be compliance, and of course it would not be portrayed then as a political (SNP bad) message would it. Right now, the ultra politicising (by the BritNats, the media and the greedy) the Scottish Governments’ work in trying to keep the spread of covid to a minimum, is the real danger to us all and it’s bloody well criminal.


  3. To clarify, the company appointment figures of Mr Mulraney at 75 includes past and current appointments.

    The number of current appointments they have is 53… 😲

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  4. I heard Mulraney and Doncaster make their accusation. Mulraney was at length to make that the point that the Scot Gov. Have a very difficult job, he showed some understanding of this but still claimed that the decision about fans at matches was political. Both were keen to compare fans socially distanced and seated in open air in the Stand with the conditions in a resturant.
    Jason Leitch had been on around 12.30 on Tam and Stuart’s “Off the Ball” Fans at matches was duscussed at length. JL’s point is that We are at the limit of what can be relaxed, whilst new infections are rising, this is a dangerous moment for the country.

    Scotland’s CCO. Might as well have been talking to a brick wall as far as Mulraney and Doncaster and the rest of the pundits were concerned. All they were interested in doing was attempting to put pressure on the Scot. Gov.

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    1. Their interest is money. They are the ones politicising this right now, which is unforegiveable. See my comment above about how the message could be very different, but the greedy do not work for the greater good, only for themselves. They are a disgrace to humanity really.


    2. At beginning should have said

      ” Mulraney went to some length to demonstrate his understanding that the Scot Gov. has a very difficult job ”

      A phone call plus typing is obviously a step too far. Appologies


      1. I listened, too, and I felt that Messrs Mulraney and Doncaster went to some length to explain why they considered the decision as ‘political’, but they also said that all decisions relating to the epidemic are, ultimately ‘political’. I felt that they understood the nuances and were no ‘dogwhistling’.

        The issue of ‘political’ and the implied sinister, vindictive meaning came from Willie Miller and Neil McCann, who clearly interpreted ‘political’ as ‘sinister and vindictive’.

        They were oblivious of the fact that THEY were being ‘political’ in their advocacy of a special case for football. Michael Stewart, who is politically savvy, tried to explain this to them. Mr Stewart has, of course, been sidelined to some extent by BBC Scotland, not least because he is a supporter of independence. He is also pretty frank and opinionated and is uninhibited about criticising the kind of people whose arses BBC Scotland licks.

        He actually argued FOR spectators to be readmitted but made it clear that this was a political point (not a partisan one) that has to be argued.

        It was, essentially Messrs, Miller and McCann and the programme presenter who deemed ‘political’ to be sinister and this became a headline for the rest of the day and today. This was a clear example of the BBC failing to maintain balance and taking an overtly partisan position.


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