Lib Dem MSP tells two lies in two lines to damn the country he lives in

He must know that neither of those statements is remotely accurate. They have researchers who know what the situation is and tell the politicians.

That being true, it must lead to the kind of internal conflicts which are seriously damaging for your mental health.

Scotland, tied to the 4 Nations ‘strategy’ for the early weeks as the virus surged through the population and into the care homes, was punished for that cooperation with a horrific spike in deaths. I don’t remember the Lib Dems telling us we should diverge from the policy in the rest of the UK.

But you see that word ‘currently?’

Scotland does not currently have the third worst Covid-19 mortality rate in Europe. See this:

Incidence of coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom as of October 2, 2020, by country (per 100 000 people)

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What is the rate for Scotland? It’s now 46.2 per 100 000 putting Scotland in 7th place.

In the last week the rate has climbed to 40 but for much of the summer it was below 10.

Why have we improved our position since the horrific news, from earlier in the pandemic, that Cole-Hamilton clings too? The buck stops with the First Minister.

As for releasing covid-positive patients into care homes, there is no evidence for that and more than one research study has implicated the over-use of agency staff:

7 thoughts on “Lib Dem MSP tells two lies in two lines to damn the country he lives in”

  1. Perhaps we should remind AC-H, the Liberal-Democrats prefer Wullie Rennie as their Holyrood leader.

    When you’re behind Wullie in the pecking order, well, even your colleagues don’t rate you highly.

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  2. If any BritNat party were at the helm at Holyrood over this past few months, the consequences just do not bear thinking about. The parties of PFI scams, the parties of Brexit, selling off the SNHS, working for their masters in England. A chilling thought to say the very least, brrrrr.

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  3. Perhaps ACH needs reminded that Tory, lab and lib M£SP’s and the media demanded that the FM fire up beds by transferring elderly patients out of hospital into care homes.


  4. Advice to Alex:
    Go and take a couple of aspirin and have the day in bed tomorrow. Call your GP for help first thing on Monday.


    1. Have a bit of sympathy. He sounds pretty febrile to me – and may well have changes in his sense of taste? Maybe self-isolate and book a test?

      BTW, I sometimes watch FMQs – admittedly with the sound off and subtitles on, so I can see what’s being asked but not hear the tones – but I’m afraid I don’t know which one he is. MUST pay more attention…


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