The protection racket

The BBC continues to report infection levels to suggest surges are essentially similar in all four nations when the facts tell a story which exposes the performance of only one of the four administrations:

There has apparently been a huge surge in England and in Northern Ireland to levels nearly 50% higher than for Scotland in the same period. The BBC headline seems to use the figures for England.

Imagine this was inverted and Scotland was recording infection levels 50% higher than in other parts of the UK. The Scottish public would have a right to know but apparently the English public do not. Scottish ministers would have been ‘door-stepped’ and pictured under headlines with the numbers but Johnson and Hancock are not troubled.

The figures today are quite a shock after suggestions, only days ago, from the ONS, repeated several times by the BBC that: infections may be leveling-off following the steep increases seen in August and September.

7 thoughts on “The protection racket”

  1. Absolute disgrace, but wholly predictable. The BBC are complicit in the deliberate messages of confusion, do this, do that, don’t do this or that. Do the English government want people to die in the poorer regions of England?

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  2. The BBC have been in the front line of the UK disinformation campaign throughout, but let’s be under no illusions over the Covid crisis, this is centralised media control on a scale never seen outside of war.

    It is undoubtedly being directed by #10 to keep England in the dark for political reasons, but in stifling the detail it has made the work of those trying to deal with it on the ground more difficult than in need have been, they are left to cope with a major peat fire armed with a single hose.

    The consequence of maintaining this level of ignorance is that it allows the infection to spread, but as the Drakeford/Johnson farce amply demonstrated, the Tories really don’t care for anything other than their political survival, so chaos is inevitable.
    And then there is Brexit and Indy2…..

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  3. The Guardian has a comment:
    “In the UK, 12,872 new infections were reported in the 24 hours to Saturday, nearly double the number reported a day earlier, which was blamed on reporting delays from previous weeks, as it came to light that the government does not currently know Saturday’s actual number of new infections.”
    Seems like the UK (English NHS) doesn’t know what is happening. I must admit I was suspicious not numbers – The English rate was significantly lower than Scotland’s over the past few days despite facts such as 770 students at Northumberland University testing
    positive. Personally I suspect the English testing system is failing so badly that actual numbers are unavailable which suits the Tories just fine – don’t want to scare the peasantry.


    1. I read about the 770 students at Northumberland Uni IN THE SCOTTISH SECTION.

      I’ve noticed this seems to happen a lot. They also report on Trump’s condition there. I mean, I know he’s got a couple of golf courses, but local news? Really?

      Why does this happen? (Rhetorical)


  4. And Yet on BBC Radio Station in Scotland

    The headline on previous Broadcasts was SPFL Chiefs saying “No Fans at games is a political decision”


    1. With no mention of Jason Leitch saying they were wrong.

      The first I heard of this was when the Football coverage started.

      So if you didn’t listen to the Football you’d believe the Lies

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