Glasgow Principal Anton Muscatelli has infected far more than Margaret Ferrier could have so where is he?

The greedy decision to get Glasgow University’s halls of residence filled again with UK and overseas students, paying well over-the-odds for pokey accommodation (my daughter was in them two years ago), has resulted in approaching 1 000 infections of mainly the under 30s but also inevitably some mature students. The death rate among the under-45’s is 0.66% or 7 in a 1 000.

Equally worrying is the incidence of ‘long-covid‘ among people of all ages including young adults. See this from Time:

This long COVID is one reason why we cannot assume it’s safe to let young adults get infected, as many U.S. colleges and universities are assuming by reopening campuses this fall. We are also only starting to get a picture of the hidden toll of long COVID. The most common symptoms are tiredness, shortness of breath, chest tightness and pain, headaches, muscle pain, and heart palpitations. We know from research that this virus is not just a “respiratory virus.” Evidence suggests that it affects the brainheartpancreasskinthyroidgutkidneys and musculoskeletal system. For some people, the symptoms repeatedly come and go. Many people, including  physicians with long COVID, have been unable to return to work, care for their kids, or even do light exercise.

Long-covid affects up to 35%. How many of Glasgow University’s students will pay a price for their greed?

The buck stops with the Principal. Where is he? Why is BBC Scotland, above, not interested in him? They’re really interested in Margaret Ferrier, below.

Six out of nine reports are about her. How many did she infect? Far fewer than Scotland’s university principals.

8 thoughts on “Glasgow Principal Anton Muscatelli has infected far more than Margaret Ferrier could have so where is he?”

  1. The principal should perhaps be being questioned by police.
    Were prince Charles and Cummings questioned ‘by police’? Was that a headline they slapped all over the daily rags and on BritNat ‘teatime tv’?
    When an SNP politician does wrong, it’s used to imply that ALL involved in the SNP are somehow wrong doers, it’s called tarring with the same brush. Not so with the BritNat politicians, their misdemeanors are quickly swept under the carpet and no in their party is made to take responsibilty, not even their leader.

    M. Ferrier was crazy to do what she did, what possessed her who knows, but the witch hunt is full on and will be for weeks now, which helps only the BritNats both sides of the border and no one else. It’s absolutely disgraceful, and of course a big distraction from the power grab and Brexit! (I almost typed power gran lol!)

    No room for one single chink in the armour where the SNP are concerned, they have to be holier than thou, squeaky clean, not a blemish or else. The BritNats will not let this go until the next SNP bad hit comes along for them.

    Numbers of infection have gone up by far too many, as you say where is Anton Muscatelli? Why is there no (police?) investigation into the irresponsible actions of the universities, there needs to be one for sure.

    Here is a link to an interesting article, one of many. This is about community spread.

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  2. As early as end of March this year very strong research evidence was beginning to appear that a very large % of those who suffered mild to severe covid symptoms then when on to incur serious
    Life debilitating issues and conditions
    All further research since Globally only adds to and reinforces the original work in China
    Hence the Chinese authorities knowing full well the health and economic threat
    That would follow and that could be considerable for at least a generation
    Acted fast and put in place good efficient systems to test track & isolate
    They now have this virus WELL contolled
    And have fully adapted to the new world
    So much so their economy and exports are now surpassing pre covid figures
    History will without doubt pass judgement that covid was the tipping point where the East became the totally
    Dominant force militarily and economically never ever to be caught up with far less challenged by the ever weakening West
    The Chinese have a very old saying which we in the west so few comprehend
    But soon will and that is
    From strength shall flow weakness for the
    And for the wise from weakness shall flow huge strength
    Bet they do not impart such at Eton Cambridge etc.
    China now has 2 of the 8 vaccines that they were developing now moving into final trial and received WHO approval
    To vaccinate Millions of key workers and most of its Military in a controlled and phased manner
    If successful and the Vacines in the West fail or less effective
    Then China will possess the most powerful geo political weapon the world has ever known
    Simple are our friend or our foe
    And if you a friend of our foes then you are also our enemy
    Those who are foes will find it most difficult to get access to the vaccine in the vast nos.needed
    And all because D.Trump screamed to the World America 1st if they developed a good vacine
    Thereby forcing China to ramp up

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    1. When a vaccine comes to the UK, Scotland will again be sanctioned by the English government, they won’t be in a hurry to get any vaccine to Scotland at all.
      My son has a friend just back from a year of studies in Japan, an Oxford student, and a yesser! ( a future policy maker hopefully!) She is absolutely shocked that people in the UK do not wear masks when outdoors. According to her experience when in Japan, they swung into action at the beginning, had a sort of lockdown, nipped it in the bud, almost had a second wave, nipped that in the bud and is now coping very well with it all, ie numbers are very low, and everyone wears a mask outdoors.

      There’s conflicting evidence about how this thing is spread, aerosol (even by talking, spreading fine particles etc) or by way of large droplets by sneezing and coughing or talking as well if too close, ie less than 2 metres distance! I read at that we don’t yet now much about aerosol spreading any virus’s. Why not? They have smart bombs, some now able to be deployed by drones in space, fabulous, but little known about infectious diseases and how it’s passed on person to person.

      Wear a mask, or rather 2 or 3 masks, good cloth ones and those blue semi PPE ones together is our preference…might just help. Again, conflicting evidence about that as well…almost as if it’s a good idea to confuse people, more $s and £’s for the rich, big corporations, and it seems, universities in Scotland.


      1. ArtHetty

        It is important to be aware that China very much sees UK as America,s little lap dog and as such we are a foe of them
        When UK after Brexit vote put fèelers out on a trade deal their response was short sharp and sweet
        Not interested in the overall picture your a irrelevance therfore we shall continue to focus on Europe and the EU when it comes to trade and as such continual improvements will be made to The Belt and Braces railway to improve and enhance trade between us and the EU
        Behind the scenes the Chinese will play a very Smart game with regards Scottish Indy particularly so as they gain strength
        And seek to deploy all means to weaken USA and all its allies
        And that is where it is vital that a Indy Scotland re joins EU
        Who in reality are the one and only counter balance to the rise of China and the east as USA & its allies begin a rapid decline
        I assure you their is no WAY that in no more than years time that USA can or even think of taking on China in a all out
        Military situation
        The War if any is already Lost and the 1 and only chance for USA is to take a massive gamble and incite then launch a attack that if got out of control they would be found in a all or nothing scenario
        China has made massive strides in all areas of military research,training,procurement and rapid flexible adaptable deployment in all terrains and weathers
        They can from concept to deployment of any new weapon technology have fighting fit in a terrifyingly short timescale and at a mass scale
        Very soon they shall have the largest most modern and capable Naval forces the planet has known
        They know full well that The USA more than likely yield its long held dominance
        Without some kind of fight
        As Xi said to Trump when he started the trade war
        I assure you China will NOT loose no matter what
        And all China,s response since is all Actions and no words


  3. China – ‘Scotland the land of invention and discovery’.

    ‘Britain a small island of insignificance. Without Empire’.

    Scotland exports goods to China. Whisky, Salmon, Burns, Potter, Outlander. etc. Direct flights from Scotland (Alex Salmond) Alex Salmond met the Chinese Premier when he came to Britain. The Premier wanted to come to Scotland first. A vast number of Chinese tourist come to Scotland/Britain, Chinese students bring in monies. Foreign students. Many Chinese people speak English and go abroad to study . (UK/US/Russia/Korea/Japan etc.) There is much competition for university places in China, Not enough places.

    There are Chinese communities worldwide. Culture, food etc. The boxer rebellion. Distrust of UK/US. /Japan. They invaded China and caused misery. Chinese mass exporters. Scotland has a better balance if trade than the rest of the UK. There is an oil sector in China. UK companies. A closed market. Trading in China has subsidiaries. Protective trade. Vast market. World trade in US $dollars.

    China 1.3Billion people. ‘One child policy’. Brought imbalance in the population. Now being changed to two? The population will go up. China has become more prosperous with less poverty. Vast country of many varieties of different regions. Successful economy. Rural poverty. Repressed minorities. The world population will peak and fall. Controlled fertility. Contraceptives. The ‘pill’. 1960’s+

    China military spend $228Billion. Pop 1.3Billion.

    US military spend $720Billion. Pop 320Million. 1/3 of all world spend. $1.917Billion.

    Saudi Arabia $60Billion.. Pop 34million. 1/3 migrants. Military spend (pro rata) one if the highest in the world.

    The virus came from China. Animal standards? Destroying the world economy.


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