Scotsman reporter finds one of the very low risk 0.3%

In the Scotsman today:

Just another ‘mother’ who’s first reaction is to rush to the press. Anyone ask if she’s related to, or friends with, any politicians?

Anyhow, it matters not.

Scotland contact’s tracers typically hit 99.7% of those they need to contact compared to less than 80% in England (maybe) and less that 50% in parts of Lancashire. They’re trained to identify risks. Ms Kelly is not. The reporter is not.

How old is the boy? Eight.

Was he at risk?

Parents should be “reassured” Covid-19 has not caused the deaths of any otherwise healthy schoolchildren in the UK, researchers say. Children’s risk of needing hospital treatment for coronavirus is “tiny” and critical care “even tinier”, they say.

Did he put his teacher at risk? She is at risk but only from other staff:

Maybe one of the contact tracers made a mistake with this case? Probably not. In any normal world, it’s not news.

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3 thoughts on “Scotsman reporter finds one of the very low risk 0.3%”

  1. Sadly, so much which passes for news is simply a harvesting and selection of tweets and texts ,with no real attempt to establish the accuracy. The criteria for selection seem to be either; 1) is this shock/horror/sensation? or 2) does it show the Scottish Government/public services in a bad light?

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  2. If a friend told you their husband had been tested as positive and you and your child had been in their house would you actually phone anyone for advice ?
    Or would you use your own sense ?

    Before you answer ….would you if you were politically inclined against Scottish independence , take the opportunity to phone NHS24 and give them a question , having already decided yourself beforehand what you intend to do but just to get some ammo for a news story in the herald r Scotsman would you actually do that ? Use your child to prise open an opportunity to build your own political stance .

    Some sorry states around for sure

    All part of England’s propaganda war against Scotland

    Who is this woman
    Where is she from
    What does she do
    If only we knew something about her …..


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