Making the most out of misrepresenting the student outbreak story

On Reporting Scotland at 1.30 today we hear that Richard Leonard said:

The Government should have been more cautious before sending students back.

The statement is accepted at face value.

All day today and for several days now BBC Scotland has been repeating the accusations from opposition parties that the Scottish Government had failed to plan for these events.

This morning Kaye Adams was beside herself with rage at the risks to students.

Three out of the top six stories on their website dwell on the experience of the poor students:

BBC England has moved on and have none:

Conveniently, BBC Scotland presenters like Kaye Adams have forgotten the agenda they had at the end of August. MSM_Monitor reminds us:

BBC Scotland adopted and pushed a pro-return to university line prior to students returning. On August 31st, Kaye Adams asked callers what they thought. Contributors [chosen by BBC Scotland] were *overwhelmingly* in favour, as was Adams herself. Excerpts below:

17 thoughts on “Making the most out of misrepresenting the student outbreak story”

  1. Once again showing what we are up against, while the unionists control the media we are always going to be shoved into our wee corner and told we are useless.

    Obviously this superb site is doing what it can, but against the sheer overwhelming sh1te coming from everywhere else it’s so disheartening.

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  2. The common strand is SG negativity whether it’s Leonard, Adams or Mr Annunciation above, you forget it was not just Adams who was pushing for Unis to be fully opened but El Leotard and all the rest of the opposition, despite the autonomous nature of Unis.
    The hype over students in Scotland is quite unique, not just the number of stories but who is to blame, nowhere else in the UK is like this.
    “Which lie is it today” must be their first prompt in the morning for PQ journalists, the target stays the same…

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  3. For several months the BBC has adopted the tactic of encouraging the relaxation of lockdown, then in the days after a measure is dropped Kaye and her colleagues will orchestrate hostility against the Government’s decision. As if people have no memory.

    What drives these people?

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    1. “What drives these people?”

      Their pro-Britain, pro-Union, British Labour patriotism agenda and their rejection of Scotland’s right to decide on the option of ‘normal’ self determination — perhaps?

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    2. Scotland’s massive resources and revenues and freebie land and sea and renewables and well, repeat that, it’s infinite…The jobbysworths do it for the money, thy love the money. Money money money….Scotland’s sh*te England rules Brexitannia is the best.
      The BritNats are at war with Scotland.

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  4. Propagandists have no morals.dignity,scruples or honour
    And as in this case they overtly promoting
    A bankrupt,lying,cheating,plundering, self interest group of Neo Right wing Nazis
    Hell bent on dismantling democracy,truth
    And the decency of the rights of Humanity to a fair,responsible Equitable future
    Their is a place reserved in HELL for them all
    And ever if i found them there i would personally invade to evict them as such a place is way above their just deserts

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  5. Having mistakenly tuned into BBC Scotland’s version of the ‘Press Review’ I was momentarily faced with three young ‘selected Columnists’ who were discussing Student lockdown and from their simply ‘horrendous tales of ‘imprisonment’ you could been forgiven for mistaking them for the poor souls encamped in Calais or arriving on holiday to find the pool under renovation and the hotel bar out of bounds with of course all fingers pointed at the Scot Gov. My animosity towards the BBC is growing daily.

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    1. “My animosity towards the BBC is growing daily.” It’s quite an achievement but mine is too!

      Its coverage of the ‘student issue’ offers no context – no comparison of students’ circumstances with that endured, necessarily, by those in the vulnerable shielding community in recent months; nor with the widespread restrictions endured, necessarily, by many/most households; nor with the restrictions endured, necessarily, by extended families and networks of friends, including at funerals; nor with the necessary restrictions on visiting those in care homes and in hospitals.

      It’s a long, long time since I was a student but would I ever have wanted the BBC to paint me then as apparently so lacking in resilience, personal responsibility and community solidarity?

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    2. Surprised the BBC didn’t get in a boat and gloat like they do with poor souls who are fleeing really real horrendous terror, all instigated by the west.

      BBC, ‘students, how do you like your new prison’? Wha? You have plenty food and drink, internet, pals to have laughs with along the corridor you say? Oh god how awful you must be suffering so wee souls, resign SNP all of you now, cruel, nasty barbaric student bashing…wait what, halls rent rebate and free food you say? Whaaaaa!!!!!
      SNP bad bad bad!

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  6. Bbc NI. “Test & Trace Exposed ” 8.30pm to 9pm Its a Panoram effort . . . . Its not on BBC Scotland. . . .

    Covering England’s T & T, and it’s not good.

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  7. On Drivetime this evening there appeared to be some backlash from the general public about the presentation by some students and ‘their sense of entitlement’.

    The was one mother of the phone-in from the Highlands, whose daughter is in Year 1 at Glasgow University and who has contracted Covid19 – her daughter does NOT want to go home, because the symptoms are pretty mild and her mother felt it was better if she did not come home because the family having to self-isolate for 2 weeks was going to be pretty disruptive to them. She did not elaborate on why.

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  8. I noted that BBC Scotland (hereinafter referred to as BS) would appear to be taking advantage of some very real fears to try to foment unrest. What with Covid 19 and Brexit (Brexit 19?) these students’ prospects have been right royally screwed. As have those of school leavers who aren’t going on to FE. They have a right to feel negative and want the provision of jobs/education sorted. I should imagine all but the well-placed feel that to a degree. But I can’t tell, because I don’t recall hearing from any of them via the meeja.

    BS can only be doing this for 1 of 2 reasons, so far as I can see. Slightly less despicably, they could be joining the gutter press in an effort to raise their falling ratings by sensationalising everything. Or they COULD be skewing the facts in a deliberate attempt to undermine the current administration. I leave it to you to decide. (Bit shaky on Scottish libel laws…)

    In either event, their interviewees appear to be drawn from a very small pool. The students we hear from seem to fall into 2 or 3 broad categories:
    1) The Unjustly Imprisoned
    2)The ones who feel deprived of “the student experience”
    3) The ones who feel they’ve been ripped off/put to unnecessary expense by the Uni.

    My reaction is different to each. Basically:
    1) Really? Self-isolation’s for 2 weeks. Grow up a bit please. Use the time to ask yourself “Was I really adult enough to leave home yet? Or do I owe my parents an apology?”
    They could also study the difference between (quite understandably) having negative reactions to negative circumstances, and the gut-wrenching effects of genuine loneliness, anxiety and depression on one’s mental health.
    In fairness, I can’t help wondering if the “Go to your room. You’re grounded!” school of discipline hasn’t encouraged a sense that being stuck in your room = incarceration = punishment.

    2) To some extent understandable – especially since when I was contemplating Uni (between bouts of dinosaur dodging) distance from home was a deciding factor. The further, the better! Even my daughter said she thought going away would help her sort out which decisions were her own, not just doing what she’d always done. So a degree of sympathy there.
    If, OTOH, you’re like the young gent who said “I thought I was going to be able to meet loads of new people, go to parties and events and have fun” – tough. in the short term. But have you considered the 9 to 11 “new people” (if you’re in, eg, Murano) that you can get to know and socialise with? Got to start somewhere! Also, why the automatic assumption that you’d be immediately surrounded by new friends anyway? Many freshers aren’t.

    3) More sympathy for these people. They have a point. If the Uni was going to put the entire course online, why insist they went into Hall? (I think I know btw). Unlike the other groups (apparently), these students are bright enough to realise that it’s the Uni, not SG doing it. Glasgow University – obviously realising this too – has put mitigating measures in place. Hopefully, others will follow.

    I wish BS would stop this. I don’t expect they will…

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    1. They are doing this for the second reason you cited and have been turning up the frequency since early 2000. Were the first reason to hold, they would have changed tack long before now and their audience would not be in freefall.
      As John previously illustrated, the “student” hype is unique to BBC Scotland in concert with the Opposition, nowhere across the entire BBC network covering hundreds of universities does anything approaching this confection feature.

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  9. Don’t be downhearted folks. Those students referred to here are NOT listening to Bullshit Scotland, absolutely NOT watching Blethering beeb and to the best of my current knowledge, definitely NOT as deprived as the dreadful state sanctioned media would have you believe!! 😀


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