Scottish Tories in ‘rather absurd position’

Scotland Officer David Duguid on Politics Scotland yesterday claimed:

Well the (UK) furlough scheme has been one of the most generous schemes of its kind in the world.

Carefully worded I suppose. I can’t be certain but maybe it is more generous than those on offer in Uzbekistan, Malawi, Peru or the USA but it’s well short of those in Germany and France which will continue for two years:

Pressed by Brewer on the calls for extension of the furlough scheme, Duguid seems to be suggesting that the Scottish Government has the powers and the resources to step in, leading Brewer to say:

You’re now in the rather absurd position of the Scottish Conservatives demanding things of the SNP Government in Edinburgh which your own government in London is not prepared to do.

Duguid claims that his colleagues had not demanded an extension of the furlough scheme but, quoting Douglas Ross, Brewer determinedly, to be fair, repeats the fact that the new Scottish leader has called for ‘replication‘ of the arrangements and that what Sunak has done is not the same thing at all.

To be fair to Brewer, again, he has come some way from his hard left student days but has stopped short of becoming a Tory – Post-Blairite?

9 thoughts on “Scottish Tories in ‘rather absurd position’”

  1. Brewer is certainly a Unionist, and doesnt bother much to hide it.
    He is probably a Blairite, though still with a hankering for the old hard left “magic” solutions.
    I dont think he has the intellect for the job he is paid to do, and if I remember correctly he did NOT want to leave London broadcasting for the wilds of Scotland.
    Does he still live in England?
    He is patently biased against those seeking Scottish self government, repeatedly interrupting or disrupting their flow of argument. He tends to allow Brit Nats free reign.

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  2. To see what the UK Tory Gov is prepared to do this article by Richard Murphy might give you a heads up.
    In an unrelated article by the same person i was interested to discover that Trump might not have any money but could still spend $70,000 on “hairstyling”!

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  3. “Scottish Tories”—an oxymoron of absurdity. They are no more a political party, than Boris is a stand-up guy. They just a few weeks ago had their ELECTED leader dumped by a Downing street cabal, and their shiny, new “leader” handpicked by Ruth Davidson as pay-off for her elevation to the gravy train.
    They have no credible policies. They oppose Scottish government Bills, then adopt the same policies just before elections.
    Their latest scam is to promote free meals in Schools—something they have opposed bitterly.
    Their REAL leader, Boris, now proposes wind power in Scotland (“the Saudi Arabia of wind power, as he steals Alex Salmonds clothes), and to keep 30% of the UK for nature—this 30% is mostly in Scotland/Wales, where he lacks the power—-Oh, wait—is THIS what he wants to strip powers from the other government for?

    “Scottish Tory” another name for colonial stooge.

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  4. Did Brewer point out that instigating Furlough is not as such within the Scottish governments’ powers? For a start the ScotGov do not have the fiscal powers. Dread to think how much having to mitigate EngGov cuts to the budget (after they have the nerve to take Scotland’s huge revenues and throw a few crumbs back, be greatful sweaty jocks!) and cuts to EngGov imposed welfare cuts and austerity, impacting the local and wider economy of Scotland, is affecting Scotland financially. The BritNats will be overjoyed at that, though the ScotGov are I am sure very carefully managing things as well as they can right now. Kate Forbes is a clever economist and that is what the BritNat EngGov hate about her, and again why they will be overjoyed, music to their ears in fact, to hear her say that to have no Eng(UK)Gov set a budget for the foreseeable, is going to impact Scotland’s finances hugely.

    Thanks for what you do Prof John to expose these useless BBC employee’s treating the people of Scotland like idiots.

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    1. Mr Brewer did not use the terminology you have used but he did say that Mr Ross and the Scottish party were demanding of the SG, things which Westminster had specifically refused.

      Like Prof Robertson, I am grateful for small mercies!

      Gary Robertson on GMS gave Mr D. Ross a pretty challenging interview this morning.

      I think that the BBC – as a whole – is on a shoogly peg. After the appointment of an active Tory as DG, a former editor o the Daily Telegraph and long term critic of the BBC, Mr Charles Moore, has been appointed Chairman of the BBC and Lord Dacre, former editor of the Daily Mail has been appointed Chairman of the council overseeing the media. It is being taken over overtly as a propaganda unit.

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  5. We are now at a stage where the economic constraints placed on Scotland by Westminster are going to have a direct impact on our health.
    They can now set the agenda for Scotland by deciding what gets funded and what doesn’t.
    They cannot afford for Scotland to be seen to be doing things better than England so by imposing similar health policies (4 nation approach) they can make sure that doesn’t happen.
    Sicker Together.

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