Coronavirus: NHS ‘England’ faces pandemic ‘triple whammy’ this winter

Does the same reporter do the headline and the main text? Headline editors are surely a thing of the past. I say that because only four lines down we read:

The NHS Confederation report on the English NHS said more investment was desperately needed.

Did they forget ‘England‘ in the moments between proof-reading and writing the headline or is is a deeper unconscious tendency to think it’s all the same thing?

The author does not feel the need to refer to England again. Scotland gets no mention.

A bit like Sir Ed Davey shouting about Scotland not being removed from the ‘rest of‘ England or that BBC Breakfast couch presenter talking of ‘North Britain‘ when Covid restrictions for Northumbria were mooted?

8 thoughts on “Coronavirus: NHS ‘England’ faces pandemic ‘triple whammy’ this winter”

  1. The Davy ‘rest of England’ and ‘the North Britain’ for Cumbria or Northumbria are the kinds of things that have been heard on the BBC and other media for as long as I can remember.

    But, on the other hand, I have heard more specific and accurate statements about truly English matters from London based media people than I have heard in the past. The fact that England/Britain/UK are not synonyms seems to have seeped into the awareness of some. They actually seem to understand that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not England and actually have legislatures, languages, histories, cultures which are separate from the things they share with each other and with England. Indeed, on Channel4 News there was a reference to the ‘English Government’ (of, course there is no such thing – which is a major part of the problem), but he was trying to clarify that a Westminster Government statement on a health matter actually applied only to England.

    On balance, I think that an awareness by many people in England that there is an England which is NOT the UK/Britain is a good thing. Too many people have left the concept of England to be defined by the rabid xenophobes of the NF/BNF/EDL/UKIP/Brexit Party/jingoistic media, But, particularly, in ‘leftish’ circles, while rightly distancing themselves from these nasties, they have neglected the concept of ‘England’ and left it to be captured by the right wing bampots. Part of the reason for the gain of seats by the Tories in historically Labour constituencies in the Midlands and North of England is that Labour failed to give due respect to the sincere Englishness feelings of many in these constituencies. This is not a nasty Englishness, but an analogous feeling similar to those of us on here have about our Scottishness (and I include contibutors like “Iusedtobe English in that). We are not claiming to be superior to anyone else, but recognising that the place where we live and work and have friends and neighbours, but not necessarily, where we were born, is of some emotional significance to us.

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  2. I just read this headline and couldn’t help but sigh because yet again it’s money money money. I don’t understand how the government can willynilly seem to throw so much away, throwing millions at different tests for instance that didn’t even work. As for the England/Scotland thing, I don’t have any amazing opinion on that. I’m in England but I typically see myself as belong to the whole country, Scotland included. I don’t say I’m English without thinking that includes Scotland. English and England are different, absolutely. It’s difficult with all of these restrictions when it’s almost like BoJo & Sturgeon are played off against each other, and even though I think BoJo is the most useless clown there is, I’ve got friends in Scotland saying it’s no better up there.

    Caz xx

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    1. Sigh!!

      For someone who has “ AMAZING (??!!)opinion on Scotland/England”, (whatever an ‘amazing ‘opinion might actually be!) you do ramble on a tad.
      If you or your ‘Scots friends’ were maybe to read some of the author’s articles, it would become apparent that it is better up here – and that is with one hand tied behind our back by Wastemonster English MPs.

      ps I’m English, and am horrified by the political direction taken by England in recent years. I long for Scots Indy and the opportunity to make our own political choices, which will inevitably be so different to England..

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      1. No amazing opinion is just that I’m not hugely well up on the Scotland-England debate. I didn’t want a hostile response, I was just sharing thoughts as I liked your post. I’m sorry. I won’t bother again.


    2. Hi Caz!
      First, thanks for explaining what you meant by amazing – I did wonder. Being from England myself, I can see where you’re coming from. Thing is that, due to having an English education (same sort I had!) you’ve been given an outlook that can lead to inaccurate/unwittingly offensive things. Hence the frosty reply. The differences have never been made obvious to anyone from England and offence, so if I may…?

      “I don’t say I’m English without thinking that includes Scotland. ” Ouch! It doesn’t. Include Scotland – or, for that matter Wales and NI. But particularly Scotland. Scotland’s a country in its own right, with its own crown jewels, parliament etc. There’s a lot of Scottish history before James VI (for over 35 years) became James I. We just never hear about it

      Same applies if that was a ‘slip of the brain’ and you meant to type “from the UK.” We’d never say “I think of myself as European and that includes being French, Danish German…”

      It’s also not clear whether your friends in Scotland are native born or have moved here from England. In any case, the easiest way to see the difference would be to stay in England for a while then go back to Scotland. My daughter feels considerably safer up here than she does when she has to work in London. And I remember an engineer I used to work with who did nothing but moan about the company moving him to Scotland. Until he had to go to England for some meetings. He couldn’t wait to get back and never moaned again.

      Sometimes you have to see things from the outside to gain a different perspective. Do carry on reading and commenting.

      OTOH, I totally agree with barpe’s PS!

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      1. I didn’t mean anything by ‘amazing’ other than what I said when explaining it. I still don’t appreciate the ‘frostiness’. My comments on including Scotland in my view of where I come from is that I don’t think “oh f*ck Scotland, they’re not part of where I’m from!” That’s all. I also don’t dig around in history and hold it against people in this day and age. I don’t have any hostility, or at least I didn’t until I received it here.

        Friends in Scotland are Scottish born and bread. They’ve never given me stick just for living in England.

        Anyway, I made a mistake coming here but I’ll retreat and leave you all to it.


      2. Caz – nobody’s “giving you stick for living in England”. So I hope you do stick around – reading, if not posting.

        When I thanked you for your explanation it was genuine, not snarky. I meant that it clarified where you were coming from and made it obvious that you weren’t one of the “screw Scotland” brigade. You were expressing an opinion meant to show solidarity and a feeling of unity.

        The frostiness was caused by the stuff that (through no fault of our own) we English don’t know which affects our perspective. The obstacle I found most difficult to get over was that I DIDN’T KNOW THAT I DIDN’T KNOW.

        If we were taught facts about the WHOLE UK in England we wouldn’t use England/UK/Britain interchangeably the way we do, because we’d realise they’re NOT interchangeable. The other 3 countries don’t because they know this.

        The UK isn’t actually a country in the way we have it implied from childhood. It’s a Union. And it’s not one like the USA – separate states but one country. It’s more like the EU – a Union of (in our case) 4 SEPARATE nations. Supposedly equal.

        It does look like holding onto past hurts, but I wish you WOULD dig around in history a bit – although it isn’t altogether pleasant. There are things we’re never taught in England because they don’t show Britannia in a good light. Some I already knew a little about through personal reading – the Highland Clearances, the Irish Potato Famine. Some I didn’t until very recently – the Amritsar Massacre, the SCOTTISH Potato Famine.

        Some are within living memory – how millions of Indians starved in WWII because their food was taken to Britain for the ‘war effort’ – TAKEN, NOT SENT. The way Scottish (and Welsh) children were beaten in school – “for their own good” -for speaking their native tongue instead of English. I’ve heard this with my own ears, not in a dry history book. People all over the world have relatives that things like this – and more – happened to.

        This isn’t “holding the past against” people. The violence may have gone, but the attitude is STILL THERE “in this day and age”. And some of this history still applies now. It’ll affect our trade deals at the end of the transition period too.

        Even if you decide this place is fanatical and insulting and you never come back, GO AWAY AND READ. Once you see it you’ll understand, even if you still don’t agree.

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  3. Having recorded and observed from the start of the pandemic.A very distinct trend is emerging in England over the past 4 weeks and accelerating
    All such data concerning no.of new cases, ICU & Hospital admissions are now forming exponential curves and never ever in statistics it is such that the consequences unfold
    Therefore the EHNS is in very serious trouble and will soon be under extreme pressure and if not expeditiously dealt with may lead to its collapse spring 2021
    1.Firstly it is no fit state to cope,due to very fragmented management command & control
    2.The backlog of life threatening conditions is Not being properly dealt with and a lot of these cases will very soon require serious medical intervention
    3.As the virus goes back out of control
    Due to extremely untargeted testing,taking ave 4-5 days for results
    Leading to the virus escaping and becoming rampant.All followed by increasing ICU & Hospital admissions
    Along with the total collapse of test,track & isolate

    4. Given 3 above the factors in 2.above becomes ridiculous
    5.Given 4 above relatively minor health matters will go unattended,many of which will develop into requiring major intervention
    All in All a vicious cycle develops rapidly
    6.Given impending Brexit and its immigration impact on recruitment,vital medical equipment and drug procurement.Then such will only speed up the vicious cycle
    7.The calibre and competence of Senior Government Ministers and Officials is and for policy reasons only has resulted in nothing but utterly useless YES personnel
    Occupying vital jobs
    So if Command poor,control poor in a very poor situation then EHNS is condemned to abject failure no matter what
    8.If EHNS winter flu vaccination is in same state as all other matters,Then EHNS downfall will be swift and sure
    Scotland,s flu programme is off to a flying start and surely will avoid the double whammy of Flu And Covid
    I.E. We shall still remain in control Whilst England has completely lost it
    Note Scotland has far superior NHS management,systems,funding,staffing,
    Highly focused testing reporting back in 24 hrs,a test,track & isolate system that well over 90% effective
    But Brexit has the potential to seriously alter our position with regards the currently successful reinstating of normal vital health services
    But fortunately we have a completely separately efficent procurement system
    That should go a long way to mitigate Brexit effects
    Personally I have tremendous sympathy for the English people
    But I must temper this by
    Well they voted for all this
    And what you have sown
    Thou shall reap
    Your harvest is rapidly ripening as the virus spreads out of control
    In these matters England is not our Foe
    But rather one of being a useless incompetent neighbour who must be given our respect and sympathies
    But with regards our hand of kindness and assistance it will be very firmly rejected
    As to do otherwise would represent a open admission from England that indeed we can succeed with Independence


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