Growing wings of imagination?

Selection candidate’s shameless self-exposure in one-piece swimsuit

In Wings yesterday:

The weekend just past saw a convulsion as big as any we can ever recall witnessing on Yes social media, triggered by a series of tweets by Nicola Sturgeon which caused an extraordinary negative reaction out of all proportion to their ostensible content. The reason was that the First Minister – who had remained silent about countless episodes of hideous misogynistic abuse aimed from her own side at MPs and MSPs like Joan McAlpine and Joanna Cherry – had chosen to suddenly leap into action in defence of the toxically divisive horror that is Glasgow councillor Rhiannon Spear after Spear had been widely criticised for making blatantly false claims in a video promoting her attempt to be selected as the candidate for Argyll & Bute.

I agree that the FM should empathise with McAlpine and Cherry, if she hasn’t done so, but:

A convulsion as big as any we can ever recall witnessing on Yes social media?

Wot!? More convulsive than:

Alex Salmond charged with….

Derek Mackay accused of….

Nicola Sturgeon’s husband accused of

SNP Civil War….

Nick Robinson edits video….

Come on, get things in proportion.

I was on a lot over the weekend in question and didn’t feel even a wee tremor.

Against my better judgement, I’ve had a look at Ms Spear’s twittering.

I thought she seem a bit narcissistic but a younger person told me ‘everyone does that on social media.’

And, you can’t accuse me of senility! It’s illegal. I’m woke enough to know that and I’ll sue!

16 thoughts on “Growing wings of imagination?”

  1. The internet and online media in general has a great tendency to overstate matters everything is hyped up to appear to be more than it is.

    So much that is here today gone tomorrow is presented as if it’s the great new thing …..when it’s not

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    1. Sounds like the ‘internet’ is turning into just, ‘media’…or maybe it’s anti social media now. I use twitter mainly for politics. I avoid facebook except for messaging family abroad…yesterday twitter was more like facebook. ‘Does my hair look nice this colour? What would you wear to go to…which film/actor/book is the best on the planet?’ The worst, a photo of a raw piece of ‘meat’ ie, a dead animal with someone drooling over what they were having for their tea. WTF, instant block, we vegetarians don’t like to see bits of murdered animals on twitter…people can eat what they like but photos of their ‘dinner’, no thanks.
      Grump grump.


  2. So Stuart Campbell EXPOSING the duplicity and disingenuousness of Nicola Sturgeon’s tweets in support of a candidate who has engendered an upsurge in divisiveness with her baiting of indy supporters is to be ignored and accepted, whilst the abuse, denigration and attempt to deselect proven indy supporting MP’S and MSP’S is unworthy of even the attention of the FM

    I despair that my fellow independence supporters are willing NO eager to excuse these and other unsavoury revelations by a FM who is SUPPOSED to be leading us to a better more transparent form of government, I am 69 years of age so time is of the essence to me, BUT I want a better country to bequeath to future generations not a continuation of the corruption and lies we have lived under for 300+ years. TRUTH and INTEGRITY SHOULD MATTER and NS is LACKING in both


  3. Stuart Campbell has gone into savage anti-SNP overdrive to the exclusion of absolutely everything else. Long gone are the days of him brilliantly exposing the Britnats and their compliant media. If anything he’s now inadvertently doing their work for them. I’m all in favour of holding the SNP to account but his blogs have a hysteria about them that is disturbing. They are frequently exercises in extreme bias confirmation. He has publicly admitted to mental health issues and his paranoia, neuroses and strong tendency to hold very bitter grudges are all too apparent. A very concerning mix when added to a high profile online platform.

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    1. Long ago I concluded that Campbell had been “turned”. The consistent stream of negativity on Wings seemed, on balance, so different from his previous output that British Intelligence influence has to be a possibility. We all know the UK Establishment has a long history of “fitting up” people deemed to be a nuisance to the Establishment’s interests. Just ask Craig Murray about it.

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  4. Fair enough everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but here’s a challenge for all you disbelievers please point out where ANYTHING he has said or posted is lies or misinformation , and as for being turned or working on behalf of the establishment, my god no wonder NS and the woke fantasists are getting away with their lunacy


    1. I think the threat from ‘the woke’ is less reason to worry than he does.
      99% of support is not aware of it at all,
      Look a the opinion polls.
      NS positive effect on support is far greater than any damage from her support for GRA.

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      1. I think you state part of the problem – the reason the popularity is so high is because no one is aware of most of their policies and Nicola Sturgeon’s support of them – or rather, which policies might take precedent.

        Transparency – what happened to that promise of transparency – the SNP are at the polar opposite of transparency now. Have we heard from the NEC about Joanna Cherry? The harassment committee certainly isn’t impressed by the Scottish Government level of transparency. Someone is lying to the committee – someone in the SNP; not very transparent. Not hearing too much about the Scottish Government reasons for dropping out of the s.30 judicial review. Etc.

        Popularity as a positive effect on support for independence is only relevant if there is the political will to bring about independence – can you convince me there is such a thing? I can see no evidence of it. Convince me with any rational observations you have made – what has been said or done to show the political will. A date for a referendum, a strategy for bringing it about, a plan for campaigning, a can-do attitutude; anything.

        The popularity of NS is for the status quo, for devolution forever, I doubt it is for independence – they don’t necessarily equate. The increase in support for independence could, is more likely to, be separate – related to how much Westminster is screwing us over and impending Brexit.

        Consider: if you had the choice; you could have either the GRA or independence, not both, which would you choose? If Nicola Sturgeon is openly declaring support for a candidate that openly states the former is her preferred choice – while wholly blanking the likes of Joanna Cherry when she did need support, does that not make you a smidgen suspicious that all is not well? I think that was the point being made: NS is ONLY supporting candidates that have very little interest in independence.

        If the committee finds NS lied to parliament she would have to resign – why delay giving evidence if it exonerates her? And why delay submitting the evidence – they have had months, years, to prepare: these are purposeful delays – when it would be better to have it over and done with well in advance of the Holyrood GE? It doesn’t help independence to have the leader of the SNP under a cloud of suspicion close to the election, and it will definitely not help us if a scandal breaks just before the election and the SNP are in disarray.

        We need it sorted now – not at the worst possible time.

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      2. You’ll have noted the female vote for Indy in recent polls is higher than the male vote, and there’s a while to go to May next year (or later if the election is postponed). So it would not surprise me if the GRA issue ends up having a significant effect. The MSM and Scottish Labour might find it hard to use against the SNP, but the Tories will find a way given the recent GRA decision at Westminster.

        My take on the GRA issue aligns with that of Joanna Cherry, who the party have tried to sideline. She is my MP and one of the best we have, but I would have been happy to see her at Holyrood fighting to get Independence up the agenda.

        The GRA activists in the SNP are furious with Joanna and the others who support her views and, in some cases, seem happy to fight for the GRA above anything else. And I don’t trust the Greens on this issue either.

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      3. As you post yourself John that 99% of support is unaware of the issue, what happens when they DO become aware, what happens when the tories and MSM elevate and skew the issue, what happens when the MSM highlight and demonise a policy that is reviled by the people WHO do know about it and MOST of them ARE indy supporters, and MOST importantly what happens when ordinary voters,grannys, grandas, uncles and aunts, and parents,find out the truth, I am sure they will just accept the SNP SG TELLING them that it is okay for males with beards dressed as females to go into ladies toilets where their young daughters are because they declare that they are women

        You deal everyday in exposing the lies and obfuscation of the MSM and broadcasters which only reach a % of indy supporters, with most voters unaware that the MSM LIE continuously, so how SUCCESSFUL do you think you will be convincing these voters that the bbc and MSM are lying about this policy and the SNP are doing it for the benefit of 1% of the population

        I ADMIRE the work that you do and your allegiance to the SNP but when things are BAD the rot has to be cut out


  5. I have to say that I do not find that the sight of my would-be MSP going for a dip anywhere would not incline me to place an x next to his or her name.

    I’m afraid it is policy not personality that floats my boat.


  6. John, is Stuart Campbell telling lies then? If he is, expose the lies and put us all straight.

    As said above, I find it peculiar that Nicola Sturgeon has come out on Twitter in support of Rhiannon Spear whilst absolute silence regarding the vile abuse directed at Joan McAlpine and Joanna Cherry from within her own party.

    Let’s be honest there was no vile attack on Ms Spear.


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