First Minister too politely slams reporter trying to blame her for student outbreaks

A BBC Scotland reporter asks:

How do you respond to claims that official guidance was changed a few weeks ago with the effect of encouraging a return to campus.

The source of the claim is not given. Leonard? Sarah Smith?

Provoked once too many times perhaps, the FM goes straight for the deliberate misrepresentation of the facts and provides the evidence to forensically dismantle the claim. Not a first time but quite a rare example of the kind of fightback many of us have wanted to see for some time.

In quite a long response, she says:

In terms of the earlier guidance, I’ve read media reports which I have to say, and I’ll say this mildly, is quite selective [biased] in its quoting. Guidance does, almost every piece of guidance, a government will publish and certainly this is true of the Scottish Government, will go through various iterations as we consult various stakeholders and look at whether the wording is clear enough and whether we need to amend it for whatever reason.

So, the report this morning looked at draft guidance that was issued on the 30th August and quoted this from it and basically what the story was trying to say was that on the 30th of August in draft guidance we had basically decided there would be no face-to-face teaching and that changed in the final guidance.

That’s not the case.

So the quote from the guidance that was in the story this morning was ‘work and study that could be done remotely should be done from home.’

Unfortunately the quote didn’t go on to complete the rest of what the draft guidance said which is ‘where that is not possible then physical distancing must be followed’ and then the rest of the draft guidance talks about what needs to be done.

Now the point I’m making here is that it was always envisaged that there would be some physical face-to-face teaching. That was not something that changed in the way suggested between draft guidance and final guidance and there were always protections built into the earlier drafts of the guidance about what to do where face-to-face teaching was being done.

But the guidance that was published puts limits on face-to-face teaching, quite strict limits in terms of overall numbers that can be in lecture theatres.

So, the report I’ve read today suggests something that is not actually the case.

To put this is less polite terms:

The report is deliberately biased as a result of selective quotation of only those parts, out of context, that suit the reporter’s biased intentions.

5 thoughts on “First Minister too politely slams reporter trying to blame her for student outbreaks”

  1. I beg to differ, the “A BBC Scotland reporter” is one of hundreds whose arses are on the P45 line and fighting for survival, honesty, the script and the screening is at the disposal of the dishonourable Sarah etc. on guaranteed pension and benefits. Who Dares Gains…
    PQ have plumbed deep and hit rock, hell mend them and their bruises, they’ve become the least trusted outlet anywhere….


  2. Lies from the bastard lying media, that—-and let us be fair here—just make stuff up, to try to harm the reputation of our government.
    As we see in today’s survey report, four times as many Scots trust Holirood as trust Westminster to look after Scotlands interests.
    We can easily extrapolate that finding to the lamentable lying media hucksters, who lie as easily as they breath—and if newspaper owners/editors wonder why sales have fallen off a cliff, in a Scotland which only a few years ago, was the global leader in newspaper consumption—then look at the contemptible steaming heap of lies that is dished up to try to trick us.
    It will take years after independence for Scotland to regain trust in a media which is supposed to serve OUR interests.


  3. gavinochiltree….I like it Gavin well said

    I particularly like how you say
    “just make stuff up, to try to harm the reputation of our government. “

    It’s the word “our” in that sentence I like
    Well done to you
    I think the same way
    Nicola Sturgeon is the First Minister and leader of “our “ government
    And these lying journos from newspapers and tv spend all their time trying to trick our government so that they can then tell us we are better of with “their government” who are as big a bunch of liars and tricksters as these repugnant journos


    1. Funnily enough, I didn’t even notice the use of “our government”. I automatically assumed it meant… well, OUR Government in Holyrood.

      My journey to the dark side is obviously complete. rofl


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