Bloodied but doing so much better

‘Our’ media have had so many headlines to worry you with, as cases increase and campus lock-downs delight them but there are other headlines of great drama that they won’t share with you. Look at that shocking map:

68 deaths in one day in England but no deaths for second day in Scotland!

Deaths in England are averaging 35 per day but less than 1 in Scotland. England has 10 times the population s:

Covid death rate in England is more than three times higher than in Scotland!

It’s not just England. New Covid deaths today:

  • USA 344
  • France 81
  • Japan 9
  • Portugal 4
  • Poland 15

We must be doing something better.

7 thoughts on “Bloodied but doing so much better”

  1. Oh yes we are doing much much better
    As i stated previously re. Scottish and English
    For last 3 weeks that a distinct trend is emerging and come this Saturday there will be suffice data to confirm that Scotland,s performance is by far surging way ahead of England’s
    Little or no doubt as the eggs i am counting are now cracking and hatching
    So this Saturday I shall let all know just
    How English chickens are well and truly coming home to roost
    And going even further forward if the diverging trends continues apace then
    Such will greatly demonstrate the competence of Scotland,s Government
    And the sheer and utter incompetence of the UK Government
    All particularly so if data taken from start of 2nd wave to This Saturday
    As opposed to from the very start of the pandemic whereby i have no doubt if Scotland possessed the requisite powers
    Then Border control and faster lockdown
    Would have been deployed and i have no doubt that Just like Norway our current
    Total Deaths would have been less than 300 to date
    Because since 19th Sept to today
    Both Scotland and Norway have only had
    7 new deaths each
    While England has had 291 no
    And pro rata England is 400 % higher and growing as each day passes
    As only 3 days ago the difference was at + 250 % statistically that is massive growth
    In a very short time frame and overwhelming evidence as to which Government is fit for purpose and competent
    Wonder if ABC (BBC) And MSM follow this dramatic trend and report
    I think not

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  2. The UK’ media fail to grasp that it is only relevant to compare Scotland with Wales and to a lesser degree NI (the latter benefits from not being within Great Britain) – and not relevant to compare Scotland, Wales or NI with other independent nation states internationally – because of what and where powers to intervene exist. Any comparison with England needs to factor in the distinctly different and greater powers that could be deployed on behalf of England by its government in Westminster.

    However, it is wholly legitimate to compare England with independent nation states internationally because England, via Westminster, and alone among the UK four nations, has ALL the powers of an independent nation state to intervene how and when its government chooses.

    Moreover, when making statistical comparisons, the UK media rarely publishes UK nation breakdowns preferring to give out total UK figures.

    And when making international comparisons, the UK media generally opt to give out absolute (relatively meaningless for comparative purposes) numbers rather than ratios of e.g. deaths per million population size.

    Covid-19 media coverage should become a case study on information management and misrepresentation NOT in the public interest!

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    1. Worldometer shows UK cases per million about average but deaths on the high side

      Cases of course are dependent on testing

      England actual people tested figure is not available so it’s hard to make accurate comparisons . As Shakespeare says comparisons are odorous especially when we rely on government’s statistics.

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      1. Alex
        What Worldmeters also show is of July 1st Scotland 11th in number of deaths/million
        2.England 2nd

        Scotland 18th
        England 4th
        Every league table tells you a story and tis rather obvious who the better team is


    2. I hadn’t actually thought of figures comparison from the perspective of your first paragraph. You’re right though.

      I have thought that, rather than BS treating the Scottish Corona debrief differently, there should actually be a daily UK briefing where each Government updated the situation for ALL the UK to hear. It would take the same form ours does (FM/PM or designated rep), use the same stats, present any updates. Any country not having the info ready by, say, 1800 has to appear anyway to let the population know why.

      It should have the SAME JOURNALISTS free to ask any question they liked. This could be broadcast separately later in the evening. (They’ve only got repeats anyway!) Possibly in a Question Time format or Bojo’s beloved presidential press conference? Maybe each with at a lectern, flanked by the individual country’s flag…

      No time for ‘party politics’ and everyone in “the whole country (or, more correctly union) gets to know the current situation in each constituent part.

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      1. Sounds like a plan. We know that the EngGov are not so good at plans, or anythjng really except lining their own and their didgy paks’ pockets with public money.
        Expect, as is happening, an influx of well off folk from England into Scotland. Why would you stay in a country that is such a hot spot for a deadly virus. Look at where the highest numbers are in England, just over the border. Many factors involved in how some people are affected more severely, and are more likely to die of covid19, so interesting to see numbers higher in the poorer north of England.

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