2 000 avoidable baby deaths yet no call for this man’s head

Matt Hancock
Photograph: Mark Thomas/Rex/Shutterstock

In the Guardian today:

His [Prof Ted Baker, chief inspector of hospitals for the Care Quality Commission] remarks come as more than 2,000 cases of potentially avoidable baby deaths, stillbirths and brain damage are being investigated at a number of hospital trusts. The majority occurred at Shrewsbury and Telford hospital NHS trust since 2000, but an investigation has also begun into 40 similar cases in East Kent hospitals trust and into 150 cases at two maternity units in south Wales.


Two thousand!

Yet in Scotland, one, just one, case where the Health Secretary does not make the details of the death public due to patient confidentiality and she will be exposed and demonised:


There have been no maternity scandals in NHS Scotland in recent times. Try searching for ‘NHS Scotland maternity scandal’ and you get this:

They’re all in England. They best the media can find in Scotland is in the Daily Mail report:

Expectant fathers are accused of treating an NHS maternity ward ‘like a hotel’ by sharing beds with their partners and ordering takeaways – leaving mothers too embarrassed to breastfeed.

At times like this, you wonder how we’d be doing if we had Miles Briggs or Monica Lennon in charge.

6 thoughts on “2 000 avoidable baby deaths yet no call for this man’s head”

    1. The big bold BBC headline is an accusation of failure.

      A crystal clear photo of Jeanne.

      Then in small print under the photo an explanation that makes a complete nonsense of the attack.


  1. Even in the early days of power The Nazis overseen tens of thousands of deaths
    And not a pip squeak from any MSM
    but that was out of fear
    With Westminster it is clever corruption and subtle bribery
    Matters not as to how their objectives are
    Reached as long as the ball they kick hits the back of the net ( The ball= £, The net = tax haven)
    We are not allowed to tackle ,stop or take the ball from their feet
    If it was I playing against I would break their F***king legs


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