Is the Glasgow household outbreak under control?

The preferred MSM face of Covid-19, only in Scotland

In the last 24 hours, Glasgow City recorded 167 new case and in the previous period it had recorded 173, up from 132 and 75 in the preceding days.

On its own, this does not yet confirm evidence of a plateau or a decline in the infection level. However, we do know that 124 of the Glasgow cases are from the University campus, suggesting only 43 in the rest of the city.

Does this mean that the measures imposed on the city and the efforts of the contact tracing teams are beginning to bear fruit?

The North Lanarkshire figures have fallen twice in the last two days, the South Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire figures fell in the last 24 hours and the West and East Dunbartonshire figures have plateaued in single figures for several days now.

Let me know if I’m missing something here.

10 thoughts on “Is the Glasgow household outbreak under control?

  1. The rate of new infections remaining constant still means the virus is spreading at a constant speed. I’ll cheer when the new infections start to go down significantly


  2. Too early to reach firm conclusion
    But the real key to this is
    1.Nr.of daily tests
    2.Nr.of hospital admissions
    3.Nr.of ICU patients
    4.No.of deaths ( but far too early to take into account) but the very fact that what movement there has been still is 1 that matches the expectations
    And for the last 2- 3 weeks since case nos.
    Began to increase and accelerate
    At this juncture one can deduce with some degree of confindence
    A. Tests are most certainly highly targeted
    All in order to assess extent of outbreak and loci
    B.Track and Isolate obviously working to a high % of accuracy and success
    C.Given A & B above such reflects itself in
    Hospital admissions ,ICU and Deaths
    Meanwhile the evidence scant although it is with regards tests of which the reporting of is not fit for purpose in England and the data
    Regards England is not encouraging
    Particularly so as ICU, Hospital admissision & deaths are growing disprotionally in relationships to testing
    Which in turn due to lack of focus and ability to track and isolate fails at a most critical phase
    Like i said it is rather early to be 100% confident of the developing trends
    But there are no signs whatsoever of what I state is wrong
    And regards Norway it is most interesting to note that in the last 2 days the Nr.of tests has more than doubled which all suggests
    1.They have noted slow but steady increase in new cases
    2.They have the spare capacity in their cupboards to deploy when critically reqd.
    3.If 1 & 2 above correct they will very quickly succeed in suppressing the virus
    At minium health and economic costs
    Unlike the UK who as Boris would say
    Just have to take it on the chin
    Oh what this Preciousssss Union has and continues to cost us in Scotland
    But what can flow from defeat is glowing victory if we Take our Independence
    Tis not theirs to give
    But is ours for the taking now

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  3. We must constantly remind ourselves there is no instant anything when dealing with this virus, hence the repetitious reference to a 14 day cycle and 21 day review.
    With a rapid influx of students inflating detections, it is too early to judge anything of “normal”.. Surprise Glasgow Uni is the only instance to arise, unless it is only that which the media are promoting.

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    1. It is not the only instance. Aberdeen, Abertay, Edinburgh Napier and St Andrew’s all have cases.

      Glasgow is probably getting big kicks from the media because it means they don’t have to travel far to get the story.


    1. It is located at QEUH.
      “”The Lighthouse Lab in Glasgow is hosted by the University of Glasgow at their Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Campus, and opened in collaboration with the Scottish Government, industry experts from BioAscent and the University of Dundee, and the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute.””


  4. Many students starting university have behaved irresponsibly that’s why so many of them have become infected.
    Embarrassment at being ridiculed for wearing a mask and socially distancing is unfortunately very common in this age group.

    Add that to the high spirits of first heat at uni and this is what you get.
    Luckily we know that most wont die or be seriously ill
    And hopefully they will be quarantined so they don’t go on to infect other unsuspecting people.

    Pubs , parties , anywhere that you find people having a good time with alcohol present is risky because people let their guard down when the inhibitions are washed away


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