Common Wail

Oh so intelligent, oh so visionary but oh so neglected by those pesky SNP politicians and by the ungrateful working-classes, Common Weal‘s oh-so disappointed leader returns to oh-so inaccurately find fault in the SNP administration’s Covid-strategy.

I’m certainly not going to take this paragraph by paragraph. Maybe I shouldn’t bother at all given the traffic on the site:

The above traffic checker gave the Tusker 60 000 and Wings 900 000!

So, just three things

The SG had the courage to go well beyond the 10pm curfew to ban all visits to other households, contrary to England, and would have closed all hospitality if it had borrowing powers to fund furlough, yet is somehow ‘locked into’ the 4 Nations approach? Nope, don’t get it.

Update: And now students obliged to download app and stay out of pubs!

Scotland never really diverged though it had a longer and harder lock-down leading to England having 35% more infections and 45% more deaths, to this point. Thousands of lives saved yet apparently no different. Nope, don’t get that either.

The SG strategy should have had ‘much more scrutiny?’ Really? Daily attacks in the Scottish media and from opposition parties mostly based on unfounded or partial evidence all since rebutted. Nope.

That’s it. I’m off to do something more useful. Load the dish-washer.

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11 thoughts on “Common Wail”

  1. Talking of lack of support Old Mrs Fowler 104 has been wheeled out by ABC Scotland to complain that 1 family visit once a week during the pandemic is not enough . She doesn’t care if the virus should spread among the other residents of her care home and neither does ABC so long as they can criticise the efforts of SG

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    1. The people undermining the Scotgov are ……………..certain people in the Scotgov/SNP.
      You seem to like cover ups – lots of people do not like voting for criminals/liars.


  2. Alex as far as i’m concerned WOS doesn’t need to do ANYTHING to undermine the SG they do that with regularity themselves, did you look at the excerpt of McLaughlin in HOC contradicting the SNP timetable for the GRA , and then to her emergency tweet asserting that she mistakenly misspoke, so Alex is SC supposed to wheesht for SNP duplicity


    1. Where is the duplicity?
      She mis-spoke and then corrected her mistake, and it was her mistake.

      Here is a copy of her tweet:

      Anne McLaughlin SNP MP
      I spoke on Gender Recognition today. I thought I’d 3mins but just b4 I spoke realised I’d only 1min. I hurriedly scored out most of it & as a result I apparently said reforms to the GRA in Scotland would be before elections next May. That’s not correct & not what I meant to say.””

      The SG’s second consultation on GRA was due to end in March. The pandemic disrupted that process. The SG then put the whole process on hold and that remains the position.

      An MP mis-spoke, corrected her mistake and from that a whole confection of SNP-bad is constructed. Really?

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    2. I wouldn’t have heard about the MP’s mistake if it hadn’t been for wings.

      Wings spread the negative news!

      That’s the function of the Unionst media.


  3. If you want accurate decisive information to combat the British press lies and deception
    This site is without doubt the best there is
    Head and shoulders above the rest

    Why ?

    Because here you get facts ,supported with evidence
    Other places you get opinions

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  4. I’m suspicious that the decline in traffic to this site is not a natural decline.

    It is the most usefull site for the independence movement!


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