Sturgeon finds cure for cancer!

The Scotsman and the Herald this morning.

I suppose she does do the announcements of those figures every day so maybe that’s understandable.

Two questions:

Is it a kind of demonising subconsciously perhaps damaging her reputation and that of the SNP?


Is it, paradoxically, perhaps due to how well she does it, having the opposite effect?

It’s certainly different:

The Guardian choosing not to use Matt Hancock’s mug and the Times not even interested:

The Telegraph was no more interested. The wrong comparisons for the Herald and the Scotsman? How about the Daily Mail? Their readers will want to know about the surge in cases:

Fair enough, back to my two questions. The Herald may have answered them:

It’s the second? The more they make her the face of even negative facts, the stronger she gets? Even if they sometimes use a picture of Ruth Davidson pretending to be nice to a wean?

3 thoughts on “Sturgeon finds cure for cancer!”

  1. Again only in Scotland do they show photos of the FM and other SNP politicians in the headline, to
    make sure there is no doubt who is to blame for everything and anything, including Covid19.
    Though, why is untRuth D. shown in the photo where they are telling us how Nicola Sturgeon is such a trusted leader? That’s just blatant disrespect and insulting to the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

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  2. All akin to the NAZIS and how they portrayed the Jews
    Straight out of Goebbels playbook
    In military terms
    And as of now
    Upon our Indy let them be aware that
    We shall only accept Unconditional Surrender from them


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