SNP hits 60% support in latest poll

It’s only a sub-poll, from Ipsos MORI, based on 18+ only, for 11th to 18th September, but to my knowledge the first time the SNP has hit 60% in any poll.

Support for the others was

  • Con: 18%
  • Lab: 12%
  • LD: 4%
  • Green: 3%

Click to access ipsos_mori_september_political_monitor_tables_public.pdf

14 thoughts on “SNP hits 60% support in latest poll

  1. The NO vote parties only muster 34%
    And if the poll were to inc the 16 – 17 yr olds then the NO parties probably drop to
    32 %
    In my opinion the best and only way to achieve a massive YES majority at Hollyrood is cast your 1st vote SNP
    And 2nd vote Green
    That is the only possible combination that can possibly produce the result required without dividing our movement and diminish the no.of seats given to
    And Lib
    If so that will induce many and particularly in the Labour ranks to finally split from the branch office and form a truly Independent Scottish Labour party
    And once such party starts winning more
    Then both the Libs and Tories have some very serious thinking to do
    That is the way to divide your foes and not be divided by them
    No need for all the semantics surrounding this and endless chit chat as what,how to
    And the effects of various strategies
    We can kill 2 birds with the one stone of a 2nd vote to the greens
    Achieve a thumping majority for Indy
    And totally break the ranks of the Unionist parties
    Such is so bloody obvious
    And i can assure you that in conflict
    It is always the simplest of tactics deployed ruthlessly against the foe that
    The second you start to meddle with complexity you are sowing the seeds of your own failure
    All elections are won on the simplest and most effective message to the voter
    So no pontification or procastirations EVER
    Complexity is a word that is used to describe our inability to understand
    Whilst in reality all we suffer from is a Temporary Lack of Knowledge
    And once found the confusing matter
    Instantly becomes simple
    The whole of the Natural World is governed by a few very simple truths and rules and that is the true wonder of it
    Just accept such and get on with it
    Learn to act upon the things you can and will change
    And leave well alone those that you cannot

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    1. The simplest strategy is #BOTHVOTESSNP. This is because it is a straightforward easily understood message. And of course voters are very loyal to their party – that’s why the greens got just over 6% in the last election despite the second vote green campaign. More importantly – we actually need a SNP majority government with 50% of the vote to make Independence irrefutable.


      1. I think that the message both votes SNP implies that the SNP think the electorate are simple and can’t figure out what’s going on. That message certainly switches me off even thought I know that it is likely to be required in a few areas. Each area needs to explored in detail in a collaborative way – just as the unionists have done previously. To keep bleating BV SNP will in itself become divisive and the SNP / Scotland will be the losers


      2. Sorry Tony, misplaced loyalty.
        Last time in Central Region, the SNP did so well we won ALL the constituency seats. because of this, 130,000 list voters for the SNP returned NO list candidates. None. Zilch.
        If you can explain to me how voting SNP#2 is not a wasted vote in my constituency, or it most other regions where the SNP are likely to do this well, I’d be most grateful. No, I’d be astounded.


        1. Unless you have a crystal ball – you have no idea what the vote will be in 2021. This is especially true in the current situation. I see people posting that the SNP vote is at 60% so they will win enough seats on constituency alone. In September 2015 in the run up to the last election – the 30day rolling average of polls was just over 60% for the SNP. It then slumped as the media waded in. Plus – it is not enough to try for an Indy majority. We have that now. We need an SNP government with a majority and better still 50% plus of the vote to get that LEGITIMACY. We got the referendum in 2014 on the back of a SNP majority – that is a indisputable mandate.
          And there is no way that new Indy parties will get the required 5% to elect even one MSP. Prof Curtice has that right. Even the Greens struggle with 21 years of campaigning in the Scottish Parliament. In fact the combined votes of Solidarity and RISE in 2016 came to only 1.1% and they had some kind a base to start from.
          Voters are pretty straightforward. They see Nicola doing a great job. The SNP will reap the reward from that. The only wasted votes will be the few% cast for random new Indy parties that people outside the bubble have never heard of. And that may steal seats from the SNP or Greens. Wouldn’t it be sick if Indy parties did pick up a few% votes and cause the loss of Green or SNP seats leading to a Unionist majority. Why gamble?
          That my friend is not blind loyalty – that is experience.


    2. I thought it a no brainer to give 2nd vote to Greens – especially with the environmental crisis which is upon us. However, I wonder why they are not doing so well and I assume the other parties have arisen because of this. Now I think the greens should have their candidates agree to come under the Alliance for Independence banner. As should the Independence for Scotland Party. That way we will be rid of the unionist drag on Scotland


  2. I am concerned that waiting until May elections will give WM the opportunity to close our Scottish Parliament.
    I am keen to get our independence before the end of December.

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    1. Isabel
      The most and by far the most successful
      Tactic as your foe prepares for and to advance upon you
      Is to hold,hold HOLD
      let them march towards you then unleash
      Your strength once they upon you
      If Westminster openly seen to dismantle
      Hollyrood then without doubt we shall unleash a massive YES majority and that is the sword upon which our Foes Shall fall
      Tis them that are sharpening our sword
      We only have to draw it upon them when we want to
      They are attempting to divide and taunt us so HOLD tis their problem and not ours


    1. She is certainly very competent, an alien concept to the BritNats. ScotGov are working against huge odds, ‘budget’ cuts from WM, mitigating EngGov ‘austerity’ on the poorest and most vulernable, tippy toeing around the BritNats in London, so as not to offend them, they are such snowflakes don’t you know.
      Covid19, another tick there for the Scottish government. Gold star even.
      It’s going to take a lot longer to repair the damage and terrible legacy of BritNat rule for 300 years though.
      Labours’ PFI scam left Scotland’s councils in £billions of ‘debt’, just for starters, and that was after devolution. Anypolitical party which works against the interests of Scotland is an English party, simple really, it can’t continue.

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      1. Artyhetty
        I concur 100 %
        But i ask all not to forget the filthy waters of Westminster that has flowed under our bridge and those that continue to do so
        But raise your gaze from the wet dank pavement upon which we stand and lift your eyes to the eastern horizon and see the bright rising sun that shall shine upon us as the Rays of indy glow upon our peoples and land
        A prize that is now firmly in our grip
        So grab, cherish,nourish and go tell the Doubters and undecided what awaits if they care to lift their despondent gaze
        Tis not for us now but for all the young and generations to come that we must
        Achieve this
        Anything else is unthinkable


  3. For the Boys.

    Wha widdnae vote fur Nikla,
    Wha widdnae pit a cross,
    If Ye dae, yer girl’l tickleya,
    Tell Ye, you’re hung like a hoss.

    Be Ye gay or be Ye happy,
    When we get our Freedom back,
    You’ll be sic a lucky chappie,
    Ye’ll get a gid nicht in the sack.

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  4. For the girls.

    Be assured, there’ll be mair nookie,
    When Scotlands Free.
    Ye’ll think his tadgers in a stookie,
    When Scotlands Free.
    Yer shapely curves, yer sweet bahookie!
    When Scotlands Free.
    And him? Nae pub, just time spent in the gym,
    When Scotlands Free.

    Nae Ruthie in her ermine cloak,
    Or Boris gee’in’ us the boak,
    Pass the joint round, have a toke,
    Coz their Unions just about tae croak,
    Then Scotands Free.

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