Scotland’s contact tracers disappoint Jackie Baillie by being too good

99.7% success rate for those SNP contact tracers? Nooo!!

Baillie’s pursuit of the Health Secretary, on the latter’s promise of 2 000 contact tracers, stumbles along blinkered by the lack of facts. Neither she nor the Herald care to ask, do we need the 2 000 now that we can see how things are going?

How are things going? Well, on the19th August, we heard how they did on the Aberdeen outbreak:

Of the people identified as requiring contact tracing only three individuals out of 925 could not be contacted. In other words, teams traced 99.7% of those positive cases which is quite a remarkable achievement. Based on that work, the teams also traced more than 5,000 contacts. And they have been successful in contacting 98.8% of those individuals. Again, a very important achievement indeed.

You’ll know that these figures can only be dreamed of in England, where they can only reach 79% if they fake them.

Ah, but, wait, what about returning tourists?

In a stunning performance only just lower than the 99.7% of contacts made in community outbreaks in Scotland, Public Health Scotland‘s teams have contacted 98.14% of all tourists who should have isolated after visiting high risk countries.

Calculated from data in:

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13 thoughts on “Scotland’s contact tracers disappoint Jackie Baillie by being too good”

  1. And did you hear that waste of space, Richard Leonard, trying to rubbish our test and trace system in the Scottish Parliament today. Put in his place by Nicola, but a disgraceful attempt to reduce confidence in a system which is saving lives. No gutter is too low for that creep.

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    1. Agreed.

      Mr Leonard’s chosen ‘target’ – and the degree of negativity he expressed towards it – namely the tracking system, was both notable and tactically, puzzling.

      It seemed seriously to misread wider sentiment and appeared designed to undermine public confidence, Something even the Tories in Holyrood avoided doing much of today.

      Perhaps he had picked up and was copying the negative framing coming from SLAB’s real leader in London HQ who has been laying into the Tories over the track and trace system in England. It’s easy to get a bit confused I guess when your party leadership is espousing patriotic Britishness!


    2. Leonard is a British Nationalist and the ‘National’ test and trace, i.e. England’s system is failing ergo, test and trace has failed everywhere including the colony of North Britain.


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