THE UK’s ‘infernal’ market would expose Scotland to a ‘Grenfell’ risk

View of Grenfell Tower in May (left) and during the fire on 14 June

In News BHT today, Scottish architect Peter Drummond is reported condemning the UK authorities’ plans for an internal market which would weaken the construction rules which had prevented any Grenfell tragedy here.

The full report, link below, is worth reading but these stood out for me:

  • Scottish rules banning flammable cladding which remained in use in England could be in opposition to the regulation
  • Architects could be unable to stipulate Scottish supplies to cut back a constructing’s carbon footprint as that could be construed as discriminating in opposition to different elements of the UK
  • Loss of a Scottish compliance regime for design and building would restrict architects’ potential to specify native types of building

A more detailed explanation of how Grenfell happened and how the Scottish regulations would have prevented it is here:

16 thoughts on “THE UK’s ‘infernal’ market would expose Scotland to a ‘Grenfell’ risk”

  1. The fundamental issue with Brexit has exposed the fact that Westminster can do anything it likes in Scotland whether we agree or not and consequently that devolution was a lie perpetrated by British Labour.

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    1. Devolution was/is a con. It was forced was it not, via a vote, by the EU? The BritNats must be bitter towards the EU for that. The Labour regime in England had to come up with a plan, which was to keep most powers centralised. As far as I know, Wales and NI have more devolved powers than Scotland.
      Brexit, and the power grab is going to be catastrophic for Scotland, we know that, most people know that, but as pointed out in articles here, the devil is in the detail. Brexit and the English governments’ power grab will cost lives, but that is perfectly acceptable to the BritNats. Only independence can save Scotland, and many more people know that now.

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  2. Of course the Laptop with the reports about Grenfell have been completely wiped, as we heard last week. There must have been some very damning info for some persons at high level, for that to have been done.

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  3. “Power devolved is power retained” said the hard rightist, Enoch Powell.

    Who could doubt the veracity of that statement, when Scotland is handcuffed to a country who believe “sovereignty” belongs exclusively to THEIR historic parliament alone.

    Even apparently extending to international Treaties and international Law.


  4. The Scot. Gov. Stopped further Nuke power plants being built by using Scottish Building regs, or (thats a big or) Scottish Planning Regs.


  5. Independence or vassal-statedom.

    Scotland as a wee “bit” of Greater England.

    Democracy or dependency.

    Participation in the world, or partitioned from it.

    European or Gretagarboland isolation.


  6. Simples
    Brexit,withdrawal bill etc.
    Can all quite simply be reduced to the
    Undernoted no need to dissect constantly what the corrupt elite and their partners in crime are up to
    1.They knew full well what the prize would be for themselves if voters were duped into stupidly vote for the Unicorn of Brexit
    2.If vote won then untold riches for generations await They know that the Brexit fairy tale rainbow and at least as far as they concerned that truly there is a Huge Pot of Gold and that the Streets of Brexit are truly paved with Gold
    3.So given 1& 2 above they hedge bet £ AGAINST € guaranteed money for nothing AND that is exactly why they delicately engineer a No deal or a very bad deal already Billions of forward fixed rate exchange contracts made and all that is make a killing is keep manipulating the market with government policy changes
    Then place the ill gotten gains as a further future hedge bet as 31.12.2020 approaches BINGO money for nothing as £ goes into free fall
    4.No doubt whatsoever UK now firmly in a race to the bottom which in conjunction
    With the resultant reboot of the markets
    They pile there hedge bet gains into what they have deliberately engineered
    No matter what all this inevitable and the only escape route is Independence
    But they will do their utmost to prevent such
    Know thy Foe
    And especially what they have enacted and how such plans will be deployed
    In this case you do not require a ENIGMA.
    machine to decode what they are up to
    But we are the people and sovereign power and we are a massive fly in their
    So by votes for 2021 Holyrood let the fly of Indy lay Millions of eggs upon their Ointment and lay waste to their evil plans and deeds
    What happens to England is a matter entirely for them to decide


    1. Aye but . . . that doesn’t stop us holding Holyrood election in May 2021. Get a majority based on an independence prospectus then take it from there.


      1. Agree. Anything less than an explicit manifesto commitment to negotiate terms for independence is no use at this time in these circumstances.
        It might just be acceptable to have the commitment be to hold a referendum, but that reeks of accepting the concept of Westminster having to give permission for us to be able to decide anything for ourselves.
        We’ve had enough of that nonsense already; we don’t need to abide by that anymore.
        In the face of the behaviour of the tory English government, it’s time for the SNP to withdraw their MPs from Westminster now.


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