Not the same


The situation in Scotland, new cases high but plateauing before, hopefully beginning to fall as contact tracing gets a grip of them. Some deaths in intervening days but no sharp increase.


In England, new cases growing and deaths more than tripling.


In Northern Ireland new cases doubling in one week.


In Wales, new cases growing.

8 thoughts on “Not the same”

  1. Very telling indeed thank you.
    This is how the so called ‘media’ should be reporting this so that people can see for themselves what is happening where and what measures need implementing according to their own area.
    Scotland really does need people t quarentine people coming in from England, even when people may have just visited family in England…there is absolutely no room for complacency at all, leading into winter, things could get much worse. If strict lockdown again in England,Ii can see the air B&B (and quite a few empty except for the festival) properties around us in Edinburgh will once again be occupied as they were for about 3 months of lockdown, all empty for now though… :-/

    I guess a big thanks to Nicola Sturgeon and Jeanne Freeman and their advisers is in order!
    Cannot imagine how things would look in Scotland had a BritNat party been at the helm at Holyrood, it does not bear thinking about.

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  2. Very clear and simple far better than others who try to confuse. Wonder why Are the hiding a shameful government not dealing with covid effectively THATS ENGLAND I REFER TO

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  3. Good map of Covid testing across the UK, published in the Times apparently.
    It seems to be posted on a number of facebook groups and clearly shows the different levels of success in attempting to book a Covid 19 test.

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      1. Thanks, John. I found it after I had made the comment.
        I tend to trawl backwards through your articles as the most recent is the one that comes up when I look at your pages.
        Excellent map anyway!
        PS I posted your article on the Grenfell cladding on facebook and have had a positive ticks already.

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  4. The Herald today has a large and detailed article today praising the Travelling Tabby web site. Good publicity for the site that will open it up to a wider audience although the stats for site visits/views suggest that it is already well known and well regarded.

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