Scottish Labour can’t unify round nothing!

From Brenda Steele:

With so much going on with Covid19 in the UK, I have not been as diligent as I once was in checking out a wider range of sites.  Briefings –  be they ScotGov or WHO – do take up a lot of time.

Today I tried to make up by visiting a bunch of the sites I have neglected.

On the PoliticsHome website there was this:

 We Can’t Unify Around Nothing’: What Next For Scottish Labour?

Reeling from a bungled coup attempt which failed to remove its leader, the Scottish Labour party is now at an impasse. Caught between the rise of the SNP and the revival of the Scottish Tories, can the party regain any relevance ahead of the 2021 battle?

With just under eight months until the next Holyrood elections, Scottish Labour has once again found itself in the middle of an internecine battle which risks shredding the last of its credibility as a functioning party north of the border.

Ho-hum – not exactly inspiring.

The NewEuropean was a site which once regularly featured Alastair Cambell and other Remainers fighting against Brexit. All gone. In fact, it had no European content whatsoever.

I found an anodyne selection of boilerplate items such as this under a picture of the said Kier Starmer gazing off into the (far) distance.

There were signs Keir Starmer’s messaging was cutting through with the public when asked if he was a ‘prime minister in waiting’.

More of the public (38%) believe that he looks like a leader ready to take office, compared to 31% who do not agree. A further 31% are undecided.

He is seen as the best candidate for the job, with 34% of support, compared to 31% for Boris Johnson. A further 31% still remain undecided.

The other two top stories were:

Dominic Raab’s bodyguard suspended after he ‘left gun on plane’


Tory politician blames ‘obese people’ for Covid death toll while calling criticism of No 10’s response ‘despicable’.

More Ho-hum.

Without any EU related articles they seem to have been a bit short on the International side. There was this piece on Scottish Labour –- or more accurately against SNP. Hard to find anything quoteable as it maily towed the Slab line as concieved by Ian Murray   It finished with:

The SNP is not a happy ship behind the scenes, and Sturgeon is their only really plausible leader right now: any scandal or really egregious policy disaster could change things. And so on.

Stugeon’s [sic] course forward is a tightrope, like all leadership – akin to John Major’s and David Cameron’s attempts to ride the Eurosceptic tiger without getting eaten by it, Tony Blair’s attempt to spend much more money on working class and low-income England without middle class voters minding, or Theresa May’s ill-fated efforts at Brexit compromise.

All of those examples show you, of course, that after riding high a spectacular fall may follow.

Scottish independence needs now to be taken very seriously indeed. Its likelihood is rising strongly.

But as ever, the winds and seasons and sands can shift very quickly. As in Shelley’s epic vision of Ozymandias, King of Kings, Sturgeon’s opponents look for now on her works and despair. But there are plenty of ways that the edifice could still turn into a colossal wreck.

It cannot help but think that both Slab and WMLab are entirely bereft of new ideas.

Here’s a tip for Labour.

Vaguely wishing for a scandal or a policy disaster is not  much of a “plan”, or manifesto. That is especially true when it is opined by a little-known Prof in a minor Oxford college who seems to know nothing more of Scotland than the view of Scottish Labour’s sole Westminster MP. Oh, and if the Prof is going to quote poetry, I would suggest that, with a Scottish audience in mind, Rabbie Burns will go down better than Percy Bysshe Shelley!


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