Sectarian marches research does not add up

For some reason, the research carried out by Ipsos-MORI, to establish what the folk of Glasgow think about sectarian marches, did not ask enough of them the obvious question but rather tried ‘to get behind public reasoning rather than take a head count of who thinks what.’

What is this, an undergraduate Sociology project?

Is this what the citizens thought they were getting? Given the many reports of violence and disruption, didn’t they think they were going to get a say in whether or not to ban them?

Why is David Leask apparently content with this approach?

8 thoughts on “Sectarian marches research does not add up”

  1. If you don’t ask “The Question”, then you can make up any answer that suits the funder of the poll.

    Simples, dear boy.
    As the “G0d is an Englishman, who made “us” sovereign over all the others” dogma has it–

    You don’t need to rule the waves, when you can waive the rules!

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  2. I can understand OO marches not being banned (freedom of expression) but they should be prohibited from blocking businesses and shoppers in town centres
    They should be restricted to some remote mountain road or rocky seashore, attended only by their supporters.
    Alternatively, they can march round and round a deserted car-park or playing field in a ticketed only event.
    So whoever wants to support them can pay for the privilege and the OO has to pay all rental and clean-up costs as well as stewarding and policing costs

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  3. No doubt that the Colonial masters see Indy as something that must be avoided at all cost no matter what
    And just like in Ireland they deploy divide and rule wherever they can
    And in the case of Sectarian orange marches they view such as a ideal opportunity to sow such division and chaos
    All rather akin to deployment of The Black and Tans and Mercenaries
    Know thy foe
    And the cards they shall play whilst at the table
    in this case tis simply bait for the Salmon of Indy to rise too
    But be smart enough to know that such fly has a hook
    Let them cast and recast their fly upon the calm and steady waters of our Yes movement
    For us there are no need to ripple these waters


  4. Judging by the headline used, I think that it to sustain the ‘no mean city’ myth – Glasgow the city of violence, bigotry, etc. The British Nationalists, including Kier Starmer and the bombastic ‘progressives’ of the Guardian are taking it as axiomatic that 2014 was ‘divisive’. Police Scotland reported no serious misconduct during the campaign. The day after, there was the British Nationalist riot in George Square, which, of course, BBC Scotland filmed from the ‘loyalist’ side of the lines and reported it as ‘both sides being to blame.’


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