Herald writer calls peaceful BLM protestors ‘hooligans’

In his piece today on the Glasgow council ‘research’, David Leask talks of Glasgow Square seeing: ‘stand-offs between rival hooligans taking sides on Black Lives Matters.’

Does he mean the openly racist, ‘loyalists’, who ran through the square attacking people and the entirely peaceful BLM protesters?

I don’t suppose he agrees with SNP MP Chris Stephens who said in the Commons:

Let me be quite clear that I condemn the racism of the far right and I celebrate those who wish to protest about the unfair conditions which asylum seekers are faced with in Glasgow. I have no doubt further news will develop as this debate goes on, but I want to make it quite clear that the actions of the far right… this demonstration tonight is nothing to do with statues, but was to address the issue of conditions in this city. There is no place for far-right thuggery anywhere in the United Kingdom and people are entitled to peacefully protest if they think that the Government are not making the correct decision.

Where was Leask on September 19th, 2014? Was he writing about the just ‘rival groups’ in George Square? The entirely peaceful Yes campaigners and this lot?

6 thoughts on “Herald writer calls peaceful BLM protestors ‘hooligans’”

  1. Oh how the BritNats want to control the narrative on everything in Scotland. To equate those protesting about actual racism with the racists is an old trick, it works on some people. When there was an attempt at a coup in Venezuela, there were obvious paid provocatuers, it was violent I think people died as a result of the orchestrated violence. The media portrayed the people as divided, and also as all equal in their ‘protests’. the reason they do this is because, people in general view peaceful protest more favourably and their sympathise with such groups more. Demonise a peaceful protest, pay a few thugs to cause havoc, and the idea of peaceful
    protest is scuppered, easy peasy. The world looks on, people shaking their heads, but, BLM is a wider more acceptable protest, concerning many people who disagree with hatred and violence. That’s what the powerful don’t like, BLM ‘activists’ are literally being taken off the streets by secret service agen ts, who disappear them, (presumably locked up) in the US, no trial, outwith the law. It’s terrifying.


  2. This from the same stable who published a “POLL”

    On Glaswegians not wanting to lose sectarian marches



  3. Leask increasingly seems to operate on the basis of being confrontational – like a print version of a two bit radio shock jock.
    Alternatively, perhaps he’s simply attention seeking on the basis that any attention is more satisfying on some needy emotional level than no attention.


  4. The soviets always dubbed those seeking human, or democratic rights, “hooligans”.

    Left wing/right wing dictatorships just dont like protest.

    “Running Dog” commentators —ditto!


  5. Mr Leask has a regular slot on Good Morning Scotland on Sundays, where he reviews the Sunday papers, including his own paper, and even his own articles. He has had this since lockdown began in March.

    Of course, as with everything BBC Scotland News and Current Affairs does it is scrupulously balanced. (I tell lies.)

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