Careful yet calm

Cases are increasing but thanks to the efforts over the summer to get down to single figures, the level of infections is still below that of other parts of the UK.

Around 30% higher elsewhere in the UK.

Looking over the six months of the pandemic, the infection level has been 35% higher and the death level has been 45% higher.

Much has been achieved. We have an effective test and tracing system. We are well-placed to survive this.

Taking no pleasure in it but using it to judge our own situation we can see how the chaos and neglect of Tory government has allowed our neighbours in N W England to have nearly six times the infection level in a population less than twice the size.

All graphs:

One thought on “Careful yet calm”

  1. In the brief period from 3-6 September, when the Scottish rate (Blue line) exceeded the English rate (Red line), the risible and ridiculous Wuggie Rennie, without the assistance of a farmyard animalgot on to his hind legs and berated the SG that the rate in Scotland was ‘worse than the UK’s’. There was no cheep from him in the periods before or since.

    In any case, given the shambles of England’s (called by BBC Scotland the UK’s) track and trace system, the English data has probably been an underestimate for much of the year.

    Since Professor Linda Bauld was misquoted in August about the lack of fullness of the Scottish track and trace data – about which the meeja and the opposition made moan – and the subsequent very full and accurate data provided by the SG, which indicated above 99% contact tracing, BBC Scotland has never referred to the Scottish data always seeking to damn it by inclusion within the “UK” (i.e. English) track and trace data. In the past week it has been pushing the ‘UK approach’ pretty strongly (a la Mr Alister Jack).


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