Scottish emergency patients NOT asked to book in advance!

In an astonishing suggestion that someone injured in an accident should first have themselves triaged at home, online, NHS England prepares for the Winter.

There is no sign of such a call in Scotland. The Tories would be furious if there was, here, that is.

During July 2020, 95.1% of attendances at A&E services were seen and resulted in a subsequent admission, transfer or discharge within 4 hours, in Scotland. The target is 95%.

In NHS England, 88.9% were seen within 4 hours in July 2020. The target for the moment is 95%.

2 thoughts on “Scottish emergency patients NOT asked to book in advance!”

  1. The Withdrawal Bill will allow the English Health Minister to sell off the same parts of the Scottish NHS as has happened in England, where Market Testing (Labour) and privatisation(Blue and Red Tories) has done so much damage. That is a Trojan Horse which will allow US heath profiteers to bid for contracts (which will then NEVER be relinquished).


  2. Fret not
    The English NHS will collapse this coming winter
    All factors are now in the cause implentation face and merely await the
    Unavoidable effects that shall surely follow and befall them


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