Truth as an operating principle

Ian Dunt on Twitter: "Mate. How to be a Liberal got a One To Watch section  in the Bookseller magazine.… "

Writer Ian Dunt, on GMS, this morning, talked about his new book on liberalism. After a long critique of nationalism, from the opportunistic form of Trump, Johnson and May to its darker, ‘blood and soil’ form, in Orban’s Hungary, the interviewer, ever optimistic, asked:

Where does Scottish nationalism fit into all of this? Is it different? In terms of liberalism. I would suggest that it would see itself as much more liberal.

He replies quickly:

Yeh, yeh…Indeed it is and I’m not even a big fan of Scottish nationalism. I’m not a big fan of the concept of Scottish independence but you would have to be completely blind (emphasis) to try and associate the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon with the kind of movements we’re talking about here. They don’t attack domestic institutions. They do believe in international law. They do stand by the concept of truth as an operating principle in the manner in which you conduct politics. They’re simple a world away. It’s a very different breed of nationalism that you’re dealing with in the Scottish case.

No follow-up comment from the GMS interviewer as she takes a noisy breath and leads us off somewhere else.

Here’s a thought, is the Scottish independence movement actually nationalism in any meaningful sense, any more? Even the SNP is deliberately the ‘national‘ party not the ‘nationalist‘ party.

And the wider Yes movement? What do they want? Normalisation? An end to imperialist adventures? A more equal society? More, much more?

The SNP is just a boat.

I wonder, does Dunt’s book even mention Scotland?

3 thoughts on “Truth as an operating principle”

  1. There have been no bombs, no bullets, no violence from Scots wishing to self determine—to the utter dismay of the Anglo-British nationalists—who have a dismal history of fighting anti-colonial independence movements—by literally fighting, imprisoning, executing their leaders .

    It is the Brit Nats who are STAUNCH “Blood and Soil” moon howling neo-fascists (“bound to the State”). That is why the Labour, Tories and Dumbs parties think they can continually veto Scottish democracy. To keep us in the Brit Nat State as prisoners.

    It is them who employ the language and imagery of violence, sacrifice and duty.

    Liberals? Ha-ha! Ironic satire as our reality.

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  2. The British Nationalists in the English government are incessant in their
    calling the Scottish National party, ‘The Scottish Nationalist party’.
    Johnson did it just the other day when being questioned in a committee meeting, ‘Scottish Nationalists’, ‘Scottish Nationalists Party’. They do this in an attempt to portray the SNP as ethnic nationlist which could hardly be further from the truth. The word ‘nationalist’ is used around the world by regimes like the US and UK to demonise people who want and need self determination. In 2014, the BritNats used the term ‘separatists’, as well, quite deliberately. Anyone remember the Basque seperatists?

    Scotland is if anything, INTERNATIONALIST, unlike someone we know not so far away. The only internationality the BritNats are interested in is the divide and conquer, by whichever means, to get at a countrys’ resources, for free. The BritNats are free loaders as well, to boot.

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  3. “They don’t attack domestic institutions. They do believe in international law. They do stand by the concept of truth as an operating principle in the manner in which you conduct politics. ”

    Correct. That would be the British Nationalists cheerled by the UK government led by Boris Johnson.


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