They’re behind you!

SNP spokeperson:

Yes, we know they’re behind us. They’re always behind us. I doesn’t seem to matter what they do or who their leader is, they’re always behind us. 30 points behind in the last 10 or 20 opinion polls. What can they do. I feel for them. Well, no I don’t. Who could?

The Herald’s veteran reporter David Bol (18) writes today:

THE SCOTTISH Government has been accused of “snobbery” and being quite happy to “kill the panto season” after theatres have been left without emergency cash. Conservatives have written to Economy Secretary Fiona Hyslop over the fears after The Pavilion theatre in Glasgow has warned it is being “excluded” from funding.

Bol follows on from Kevin McKenna telling us, two weeks ago, that the SNP has a problem with the ‘working class’ (sic) even though the polls tell us that they get more support from them than from the posher elements:

Is this a new thing, a meme or whatever? The SNP is posh now and the Tories tell us they are?

These Conservatives?

Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 10.42.30

48% privately educated compared to 7% of the general population. 34% went to only 2 of the UK’s 121 universities.

Did the SNP MSPs strip private schools of their tax relief in February 2020, by removing their charitable status, do so because they’re posh?

The Conservative who has written is Maurice Golden:

He does look intelligent…

Finish that one off yourself.

He didn’t choose the obvious breed. I suppose retrievers are a bit posh. I’ve got one.

8 thoughts on “They’re behind you!

  1. Hah, whatever you can accuse the SNP of, I doubt it’s snobbery – what a strange thing to pick on.

    Talking of cash, Richard Murphy has produced this plainly-spoken video on why Scotland – if to be independent – needs to use its own currency immediately. There is no real independence otherwise and our ability to run an economy is stifled – similar to the way it is now – if we don’t have our own currency:

    This is one area where Nicola Sturgeon is at odds with the rest of the SNP – SNP policy is, in fact, to have our own currency. Nicola Sturgeon insists on sticking to the Growth Commission report that says we should stick with the GBP for the foreseeable – this makes it difficult for people to campaign and argue the point. The argument for our own currency is easy and sensible, and it will not be a traumatic transition, all banks and institutions will deal with it seamlessly (or rather, CAN do this), no pensions or mortgages are at risk etc. Nicola Sturgeon, as leader of the SNP, needs to be brought on board with this, and convinced that SNP policy is the right one.

    Obviously, if there is no intention for us to get independence in the near future, then Nicola Sturgeon’s opinion on this doesn’t matter – but if you are expecting independence soon, then it very much does matter.

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    1. Contrary we might have more to worry about than currency. Check this out.
      Looks like planned annexation from what I can see, posing as decentralising Scottish governance, giving governing powers to ‘ communities’. Especially ‘communities’ ie the Scottish Islands, which have oil, gas and renewables resources! Tories, true to form, divide and rule but pretend to be handing power to the Islands. Clever.

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      1. ArtyHetty,

        I disagree, the issue of currency, and for all of SNP to be on the same page, is of crucial importance. All that stuff about annexation is bluff and bluster and is more to do with the negotiating period, after an independence vote. We need the currency argument settled to enable us to get past the hurdle of an independence vote.

        The British establishment will keep throwing stuff like this at us, it’s distraction and trying to put obstacles in the way, and it’ll just keep getting worse the longer we leave it. We are looking at worsening conditions once Brexit is done, and the longer we leave it after that, the more likely we are going to need a recovery period after independence, economically speaking.

        Currency isn’t an issue that can be left until afterwards any more, something to consider and deal with once we’ve sorted everything else out, it needs to be an absolute must, a certainty, that isn’t left to chance. But mainly, everyone needs to know what campaigning stance we should take, so that we arent all bickering amongst ourselves instead of convincing others. Unfortunately I can’t accept we use the GBP if that was the decision – but I can keep my mouth shut if necessary.

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  2. The Tories, bastions of providing financial support for the ‘working classes’ eh. Their faux concern is truly nauseating, they take food out of the mouths of ‘working class’ children, and accuse the SNP of snobbery. Which universe do they think the people of Scotland live in? The Tories are talking about spending £100 billion on a wasteful project re CV19 to line their own pockets, but not even few £’s to help the ‘working class’ who find themselves having to use foodbanks because of Tory cruelty. These Tories’ priorities are to themselves, and they are morally bankrupt. The panto season never went away, Tories are ‘behind’ the people, kicking them hard into the gutter, especially when they are down. The panto in which they are the lead characters, is not normal, it’s dark, sinister, and farcical. Take a bow, Tories, the curtain will come down hard on you one day.

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