SNP spokeperson:

Yes, we know they’re behind us. They’re always behind us. I doesn’t seem to matter what they do or who their leader is, they’re always behind us. 30 points behind in the last 10 or 20 opinion polls. What can they do. I feel for them. Well, no I don’t. Who could?

The Herald’s veteran reporter David Bol (18) writes today:

THE SCOTTISH Government has been accused of “snobbery” and being quite happy to “kill the panto season” after theatres have been left without emergency cash. Conservatives have written to Economy Secretary Fiona Hyslop over the fears after The Pavilion theatre in Glasgow has warned it is being “excluded” from funding.

Bol follows on from Kevin McKenna telling us, two weeks ago, that the SNP has a problem with the ‘working class’ (sic) even though the polls tell us that they get more support from them than from the posher elements:

Is this a new thing, a meme or whatever? The SNP is posh now and the Tories tell us they are?

These Conservatives?

Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 10.42.30

48% privately educated compared to 7% of the general population. 34% went to only 2 of the UK’s 121 universities.

Did the SNP MSPs strip private schools of their tax relief in February 2020, by removing their charitable status, do so because they’re posh?

The Conservative who has written is Maurice Golden:

He does look intelligent…

Finish that one off yourself.

He didn’t choose the obvious breed. I suppose retrievers are a bit posh. I’ve got one.