I haven’t read any of the above in Herald today. I don’t need to.

I can guess. It’s about Nicola trying to stop Old Firm fans from singing offensive songs and some other supposed ‘totalitarian’ behaviour from a man who has no apparent problems with Papal bulls.

The detail doesn’t really matter because the basic premise in the headline is plain daft.

In the most recent full poll from YouGov, it’s clear that SNP support is and remains significantly (around 15%) stronger among the working classes (C2DE) than among the middle and upper classes (ABC1):


Why might that be? It’s kind of easy.

The sharp contrast between the SNP and UK Tory governments on health, taxation, welfare and housing, on top of falling crime levels and now, far better management of a pandemic, appeals strongly to those who have less and are who less secure. Remember, many of the working-classes are older reliable voters who care little for McKenna’s concerns.

Most of the working classes are not interested in football, far less the Old Firm. Judging by her massive popularity most of the population admire a leader who is clear, consistent, unpretentious and demonstrably on their side.

The SNP clearly does have a problem with the more affluent in our society who see and resent the more favourable tax allowances in England. Can that be changed? Does it matter that much?