Scottish Government announces £1.6 BILLION investment for jobs and fuel poverty, to media silence

Image: Insider

I missed this huge news on the day, 4th September, no wonder, because it got little attention.

BBC Scotland, the Herald and the Scotsman could find no space for it nor, as far as I can see, did the National. Several business and energy specialist sites covered it as did the Evening Express and the STV website.

Here’s what Energy Live had to say:

The Scottish Government has announced funding worth £1.6 billion to directly support up to 5,000 jobs and tackle fuel poverty. It is part of the government’s enhanced Green New Deal, which aims to transform the energy efficiency and heat of buildings and rapidly accelerate decarbonisation. It is investing an additional £500 million in Scotland’s natural economy, including £150 million to help deliver a 50% increase in woodland creation by 2024 and an extra £150 million for flood risk management. The government previously also announced a £100 million Green Jobs Fund and £1.4 billion for low carbon projects as part of this year’s Programme for Government (PfG).

Scotland announces £1.6bn to support jobs and tackle fuel poverty

Is that headline news or what?

5 thoughts on “Scottish Government announces £1.6 BILLION investment for jobs and fuel poverty, to media silence”

  1. Excellent news.
    Didn’t the Scottish government bung a few spondoolies (£) to the daily rags in recent times? What on earth possessed them.
    They’d have been better to have employed some genuine folk to start up a brand new, objective based on facts, daily or even weekly news outlet. That’s not a reserved power is it, like telecommunications is. Yes I know, it would be labelled propaganda, but we are used to that in Scotland, and many are completely inmune to it. Ignorance is bliss, according to the media.

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  2. Simples
    The best most effective tool of communication is the reality of the actual
    Works conducted and completed
    Therefore where when and as soon as these works are undertaken make it compulsory within the contract documents that prior to commencement of any works that a site signboard is erected as per the specification of the contract
    So design the board,have a large Saltire upon it,funding source and all partners etc.along with the purpose of the works
    Who needs those vermin in the MSM
    certainly not us Tis they who need us
    Their utterances are propaganda
    So let’s make our reality for the whole World to see

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  3. No but in their true style they did have room today for some Outdoor Activities not getting sufficient support as a ‘catastrophic mistake’ of the Scot Gov.

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  4. Like the Assange kangaroo trial that cannot be fully be reported on by the corporate media, for fear of exposing the injustice of it all. Good news such as this about Scottish investment must be buried deep within the bowels of the British nationalist media.

    Scotland cannot be seen as a progressive country, it must be seen and reported on as a dependent region of the UK, that would suffer terribly if it were to vote to leave this horrendous union.

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