According to Common Weal, in the Herald today, the Scottish test and protect system is too centralised. Isn’t it based on existing local authority infection control teams which are currently contacting 99% of those identified as potentially infected? Just who are we falling behind on this?

It can’t be those English regions lucky to contact more than 50% or even the national utterly centralised and privatised system which has set itself the target of only 80%.

As for the level of testing, which country is Scotland falling behind?

With England now concealing its level of testing, who knows how many times higher the rate is here?

Common Weal insists that the countries with the most effective virus control systems have decentralised their approach. The two identified by them are New Zealand and South Korea.

New Zealand, with no land borders and with the strictest of lock-downs, did eliminate the virus but as soon as they allowed arrivals by air from England in August, they had new cases and now have 129 active cases and one death. With a steady flow of cases into Scotland by air and by road, which cannot be accurately detected at the time of entry, an even more localised response does not seem the obvious solution.

As for South Korea, the incidence rate there is 41.34 per 100 000, more than twice the rate in Scotland.

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