Keeping things in proportion

Herald and BBC Scotland yesterday

The First Minister did say yesterday:

And it is worth me stressing today that we have positive cases reported today in every mainland health board area.

Once again, let’s not panic. Argyll, Moray and West Lothian councils (parts of mainland board areas) had no cases, 7 councils had only 1 and only Glasgow, Edinburgh and the two Lanarkshires had double figures.

We do need to do something about community spread in some housing areas but most are doing really well. Only Glasgow has areas among the 20 most infected in the UK.

7 thoughts on “Keeping things in proportion”

  1. BBC’s radio station in Scotland helped me put Glasgow’s infection rate in perspective (that’s sarcasim) The reporter compared Glasgow with the threshold of infection at which quarrantine measures are brought in for those who have travelled to other countries, quoted as 20, enabling the reporter to say that Glasgow ‘s I.R. Is twice the quarrantine rate.

    Instead of comparing Glasgow with other large UK cities which would have been favourable for Gla. The reporter made the unfavourable comparison with the quarrantine threshold for other countries.

    The BBC always paints a negative picture of Scotland!

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      1. How do they know?
        Glasgow has dense housing, legacy of the BritNat Labour party council who ruled for decades, probably highest poverty rates in Scotland, another legacy of the BritNat rule, it may be much more challenging to contain the virus there.

        Is Dr. Devi Srindhar still advising ScotGov?

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  2. No room for complacency at all. Seeing far fewer people wearing masks outdoors now. Local walks, with some paths very narrow, so absolutely no chance of distancing. Masks would help, getting fed up of joggers especially, they do not leave room between themselves and walkers, we might as well be at the gym given the mouth open breaths from them, it’s crazy.
    A winter lockdown does not bare thinking about.

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  3. Found a pretty amazing set of statistics from ToryFibs via The Canary

    Tory Fibs
    158 UK Schools now CV19+

    • 84 Scotland
    • 46 England
    • 21 N. Ireland
    • 7 Wales

    Source: A collection of NHS Websites, School Websites & Newspaper reports.
    7:10 AM · Sep 7, 2020

    By 10:30am on 9 September, it was
    • 205 England
    • 99 Scotland
    • 28 N. Ireland
    • 25 Wales


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