Gary Robertson does it again

Robertson and Kerr

Only ten days after thoroughly grilling Douglas Ross when he cunningly exploited the words of a National Farmer’s Union representative, to attempt to conceal the very real fact that he had voted against a parliamentary amendment designed to protect food standards in imports to the UK, BBC Scotland’s Gary Robertson has had a wee go at Liam Kerr.

On the matter of the UK Government’s apparent readiness to breach international law, announced yesterday, Robertson asked:

Is that a bill you can support?

Kerr attempted to wriggle out of answering on the grounds that it was somehow not within the competence of the Scottish Parliament but Robertson came back with

But the Government breaching international law would concern you as Justice Secretary, surely?

Kerr would not answer.

What is happening here? Is BBC Scotland just attempting to deflect criticism by letting us have one apparently on our side, at times?

7 thoughts on “Gary Robertson does it again”

  1. “”But the Government breaching international law would concern you as Justice Secretary, surely?””

    He is being a bit misleading calling him ‘Justice Secretary’. He, Kerr, is the Shadow Justice Secretary and a Tory. BBC being somewhat ambiguous, less than clear as per usual.

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    1. I think Mr Robertson was merely pointing out Justice was Mr Kerr’s brief and that surely, as such, it should concern him …. or at least he should have a view on it.

      It’s good to see Tories squirm under scrutiny for a change. After years of scrutiny free coverage under the Colonel/Baroness, it’s refreshing.


  2. He’ll have seen the polls at 56% for Independence. Probably wants to remain in Scotland after Indepencdence, hoping to work in broadcasting? Just thinking to the future?

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  3. BBC Scotland has a LONG way to go to alleviate the reputational damage it has brought on itself.

    But as Mao said–“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

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  4. Aye, listening to this morning’s GMS I asked myself, ‘Who’s put a fire under them!’ First Laura Maxwell gave MP Alok Sharma, UK Government Business Secretary, a good grilling about the UK government proposing to break international law and the implications for Northern Ireland, then immediately after that Gary Robertson gave MSP Daniel Johnson a hard time about challenges to Richard Leonard’s leadership. Well worth a listen! (2 hours, 6 mins in):


  5. Why did he call him ‘justice secretary? He is not as Legerwood says he is SHADOW justice secretary, a bit different. His occupation/training is down as ‘solicitor’ on wiki.
    Don’t know what the BBC’s game is here, keeping up appearances? Faux balance? has Donalda gone yet?

    Kerr ‘would not answer’ on such a massive issue, tells us all we need to know. He is happy for his party, the Tories, to actually break international law, anyone who thinks that’s OK and would vote for such person is out of their mind.


  6. ABC are what can be termed as in progandists terms
    As throwing the Dogs (Us all ) a false bone
    E.G The Nazis produced films of concentration camps for global and home distribution showing that indeed such camps were most certainly a happy secure environment to dispatch Jews and enemies of the Nazis to and with the sole purpose to avoid/deflect any scrutiny whatsoever
    Know thy foe
    ABC are indeed a most sophisticated propaganda machine who are making themselves battle ready for the impending Indy ref. 2 no doubt fully understanding just how good the Nazis
    Were in deploying propaganda techniques that fully complied with the objective intent and subsequent result of the States Intentions

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