Delivering the Youth Guarantee

What Scotland Means to Me | Scottish Youth Film Festival
Image: Scottish youth Film Festival

Research by the Tusker‘s Youth Correspondent, ArtyHetty Junior:

From the Scottish Government on 2nd September:

Giving every young person the chance to succeed.

Economy Secretary Fiona Hyslop has set out more details of how Scotland’s Youth Guarantee will give young people the chance to succeed despite the economic impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The guarantee will ensure everyone aged between 16 and 24 has the opportunity of work, education or training. The Scottish Government is funding it with £60 million which will be broken down as follows:

  • £30 million through local authorities to help local partnerships to deliver employability support for young people
  • £10 million to create additional opportunities in colleges
  • £10 million additional funding for Developing the Young Workforce, the Scottish Government’s internationally recognised Youth Employment Strategy
  • £10 million to support pathways to apprenticeships.

More at:

4 thoughts on “Delivering the Youth Guarantee”

  1. [ another aside: well, a bit more comment on why it’s good and what the allocations mean might have put these into to the top spot of TuS, they don’t, so I’ve allocated categories thus:

    Slagging off a newspaper: 1
    Slagging off BBC: 1
    Slagging off a person: 2
    Well blow me over with a feather maybe things aren’t quite as grim as I thought articles: 2
    Good news stories telling us how fantastic Scotland is: 0

    It certainly reduces the proportion of slagging off a person articles for today though, which are now back down to 33.3% (to 1 dp), still fairly high – of course, I could go back and count articles from the past few months, but that might seem ,,, somewhat obsessive 😉 ]


  2. 🙂 I read that as me being the ‘youth’ correspondent, ha ha! Almost as bad as when we had a new hoover delivered, no signing due to Covid and the delivery man said’ I just need to take a photo’, I thought he wanted me in the shot lol! He didn’t. :-/

    It’s good to get this out and shared too, it’s not all doom and in the gloaming, just imagine what we could do if Scotland was independent…
    Imagination is how things get done, otherwise things stagnate.


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