The Editor’s fave ancient post-rock pro-Indy indy band, the mighty Mogwai, have not applied for emergency funding. They’re appearing at the Hydro next February to destroy all known viruses with very loud frenzied guitar riffs!

Research by The Tusker‘s Art Correspondent, Arty Hetty

From the Scottish Government on the 28th August:

Emergency funding announced.

Culture and heritage sectors are to benefit from a £59 million funding package to protect jobs and help the industry weather the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

A new £15 million Culture Organisations and Venues Recovery Fund will provide critical support to a range of businesses such as art galleries, studio facilities, comedy venues, large music venues, commercial theatres, orchestras, dance companies and nightclubs.

It will help to reduce the threat of insolvency, protect jobs and create conditions for a more viable and sustainable future for the sector.

The funding also includes £21.3 million for Historic Environment Scotland (HES) to protect jobs and support the reopening of properties in their care.

An additional £5.9 million will be made available to support heritage organisations through committed grants, and £270,000 for the New Lanark Trust will help secure the future of one of Scotland’s six World Heritage Sites.

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