There have been delays. I’ve been impatient but not that impatient for Indyref2. It’s only been 6 years and the opinion polls have only this year started to move consistently in favour of Yes.

Macwhirter, one of the several male commentators with a thing about the First Minister is at her again this morning. It’s been noted here recently:

Is the First Minister serious?

I’ve just posted a Twitter poll to 4 906, many of whom do not seem to be uncritical SNP loyalists. Only 75 votes were in as I wrote this but 76% of them say ‘Yes.’

Macwhirter concludes:

In the absence of a radical populist like Alex Salmond, a history-maker, it is hard to see this First Minister ever taking the risk of forcing a referendum. Salmond made the political weather, secured the first “impossible” Holyrood landslide in 2011 and then delivered the Edinburgh Agreement. We may never see the like again. A second independence referendum is beginning to appear a bit of a unicorn: a phenomenon much talked about but never seen.

That surprising tribute to Alex Salmond is correct but that was then and this is now. I’d like to see him in a key role in the Yes campaign and soon after in a top international, perhaps diplomatic, role. He has the knowledge for Foreign Secretary or Ambassador in London.

But, the FM is hugely popular and has demonstrated unparalleled skill in handling the pandemic. Non-partisan historians will, I feel sure, judge her very kindly. She can do this. Let’s not mistake canniness for lack of commitment.