Is it Labour policy to subsidise private care homes charging £1 000 a week?

Jackie Baillie
Whaaat!! Starmer doesn’t want me as leader either?

In the Scottish Parliament last wedneday:

Jackie Baillie (Dumbarton) (Scottish Labour): To ask the Scottish
Government, further to the answer to question S5W-29778 by Jeane Freeman on 3 August 2020, for what reason it has not provided resources to local authorities to ensure that all care home staff are tested.

Remind me, why would an allegedly left-of-centre political party think the tax-payer should fund the cost of Covid-19 testing for care home staff working in homes where their grandparents already cost £ 1 000 a week, where staff are on the minimum wage and where the owners avoid paying tax?

5 thoughts on “Is it Labour policy to subsidise private care homes charging £1 000 a week?

  1. Ah, Labour branch office in Scotland, brass neck gets bigger every day. The branch of England HQ’d Labour party, whose legacy of plunging Scotland into £billions of debt with their PFI scams. lives on. Labour however in Scotland, are ensuring their own demise.

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  2. The insights a private education brings.

    The Leader and Deputy of Scottish Labour were both educated in English Public Schools. Obviously not their choice, but then THEY were elected by their party.

    The expected next-in-line was educated at a Scottish Public School. “Socialism” for the rich.

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    1. Take your point about private education BUT it also has something to do with the home background, surely?

      We eventually took my daughter out of state school due to merciless bullying. She did well there, met some nice girls and made a couple of good friends. She also saw girls who were brought up to:
      * value things above people
      * expect the latest version of everything
      *support charity, but favour ones THEY might need (eg breast cancer over homelessness)
      * consider well paid ‘professions’ as more worthy than other work

      to name but a few. She called them “nice, but not a clue”.

      They didn’t learn that at school.


  3. True, but so long as Baillie can clutch at negatives, such as the FM organising the Aberdeen outbreak to evade political scrutiny, flat-earthers such as she will continue to roam the disc…
    An aspect of the testing saga which continues to be deliberately obfuscated is the responsibilities for who initiates testing and it’s effectiveness at any given time. Contrary to the false portrayal of testing as some magic bullet which SG can force on any they please, nothing could be further from the truth.
    None were geared up for what befell at the start of this crisis, what SG and SNHS accomplished in record time was astounding, but Madame Motormouth obsessed over scoring cheap political points and turning out to clap for carers. Some things never change….


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