On Radio Scotland this morning, although a psychologist had argued that the First Minister’s admission of anxiety was refreshingly honest and helpful to others as evidenced by the fact that countries with women leaders had coped better with the pandemic, one gym-owner was having none of it when asked about the FM’s comments:

I did take it as a bit of a slap in the face….but the First Minister’s comments about being more anxious than ever, the day after the gyms re-open, is yet another slap in the face for this industry, from the First Minister.

Really? Did she mention gyms? Does he think she should be aware of the gyms at all times before she says anything? Might there be some other priorities above gyms?

I’m sure gyms make a contribution to physical and mental health but I feel sure the Scottish Government are more focused on the risks posed by house parties, pub crawls and factories at the moment.

What would Winston have done, eh, eh? Machine guns! Where? Everywhere!

I know, Trump! Send in the National Guard!