Rumbled: Lib Dem ‘locked down’ in Tuscany


As they almost disappear off the opinion polls, I do wonder if it’s worth commenting on the Scottish Lib Dems but when they offer this kind of thing up, I think, oh well, what’s ten minutes?

Yesterday, the Daily Record rumbled Mike Rumbles (above), still in Tuscany after two months, three weeks after Holyrood reconvened, missing important committee meetings and, of course, neglecting his lock-downed Aberdeen constituents:

Of particular interest to The Tusker, alerted by a reader, is this on the 29th August. Did he sneak back in under the Record radar? No.

Has Public Health Scotland required him to self-isolate. We have a right to know.

Mind you, looking at the traffic on that tweet, isolation would be nothing new to the Lib Dems. Three days later, three wee ‘likes’ and only this:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 0_Edinburgh-Scotland-United-Kingdom-9th-February-2017-Liberal-Democrat-MSP-Mike-Rumbles-on-the-wa.jpg

13 thoughts on “Rumbled: Lib Dem ‘locked down’ in Tuscany”

  1. Wee Wullie’s Boy Band—–minus “Fat Bob”.
    Did anyone report him missing?
    Does anyone care?
    When will we see his like again?

    Oh, never—that’s a relief!

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  2. “Yesterday, upon the stair,
    I met a man who wasn’t there.
    He wasn’t anywhere I could see,
    He’s loafing in far-off Tuscany”.

    Perhaps he is practicing for a Peerage.
    There are quite a few Lib Dumb Duds in the Upper House. Wouldnt notice another 100 or so.

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  3. Breaking News
    The UN has declared Indigenous to Scotland
    That the species
    Libus Demos Alba is now on the critically endangered species list

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      1. ArtyHetty
        You correct
        It has been noted by the UN
        that the species ( sub species of London)
        Labouros effuscus Var.Scotia
        Currently on watch has adopted strong suicidal Lemming like tendencies
        Which if such continues at the ever increasing rate
        That such Variant Sub Species
        Will become extinct with haste and that given the strength of these tendencies
        It is almost impossible for any that the course
        It has embarked upon to be altered in any form
        So it must be assumed that its extinction is inevitable now
        One can only put this down to what in evolutionary terms is due to rapid political
        Changes which in turn has led onto rapid
        Enviromental and social interaction changes
        No species who resists this can expect to survive such fundamental change
        And the only way to survive is to mutate and change into a form that just might manage to survive albeit in greatly reduced nos.
        Someone please bring
        Into these profound findings
        After all the above named appear to have considerable influence upon their fellow species group members

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  4. Does he still take a luctrative wage from the public purse? Is he on sick leave? Imagine if an SNP MSP went abroad to warmer climes for an extended holiday, for months. The media would be on it like flies around sh**e.


    1. Of course, he does. He is ENTITLED to it as he himself would quickly tell you. The LibDems got rid of a pretty competent female MSP to re-install this bumptious bampot. He is from the old north east tradition of National Liberals, who were, to all intents and purposes, Tories. Robert (later Lord) Boothby, a sidekick of Churchill’s was a National Liberal. (He was corpulent like Mr Bumbles.)

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  5. They seek him here,
    They seek him there,
    Those Dumb-oh’s seek him everywhere,
    Is he in Buchan or Banff by the sea.
    No, he’s down by the pool with a large G&T.

    No rumbledethumps for this man–oh, no. Its caviar and fizz all the way!

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