As they almost disappear off the opinion polls, I do wonder if it’s worth commenting on the Scottish Lib Dems but when they offer this kind of thing up, I think, oh well, what’s ten minutes?

Yesterday, the Daily Record rumbled Mike Rumbles (above), still in Tuscany after two months, three weeks after Holyrood reconvened, missing important committee meetings and, of course, neglecting his lock-downed Aberdeen constituents:

Of particular interest to The Tusker, alerted by a reader, is this on the 29th August. Did he sneak back in under the Record radar? No.

Has Public Health Scotland required him to self-isolate. We have a right to know.

Mind you, looking at the traffic on that tweet, isolation would be nothing new to the Lib Dems. Three days later, three wee ‘likes’ and only this:

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