File photo of beachgoers in Britain.

Two readers, responding to a piece contrasting BBC Scotland’s intensive focus on the virus with that of the BBC in England and in particular the North-west, seeming to ignore it, have commented on what they feel is a ‘different mindset‘ among English tourists abroad and among locals in the North-west.

One, based on experience flying out of and back into Edinburgh to more than one part of Europe, wrote:

Edinburgh flights have been inundated with people from England many favouring Edinburgh instead of Manchester . I’ve been on overseas flights and seen it. Even though wearing a mask throughout the flight is compulsory they wear them part-time or under their nose. English people I’ve met do indeed have a different outlook on Covid19. I’m not a pub goer but I’ve seen the pubs and bars around Europe full of English people this last few weeks shoulder to shoulder not wearing masks watching football drinking till late. Countries have seen increases in infections in these areas and decided to close pubs and bars earlier than normal. The mindset is different. That’s England’s Westminster propaganda at work.

A second wrote:

Was in Cumbria for the week-end. Keswick on Saturday was very busy. Could have counted the number of people with masks with one hand. If we have a second wave, it won’t be a surprise. The endless sneering at Sturgeon from Scotland’s colonial media: the indifference of England’s press: the Libertarianism in much of the Commentariat—all conspire to render the public venerable to a second infection.

Readers will no doubt add to this sample. Anyone observing better behaviour in England or by English tourists in Scotland? What about non-English tourists or locals in some other country?