England’s most infected area says ‘Pandemic? What Pandemic?’

While BBC Scotland go once more for ‘scare your granny with Covid infections‘ even though they’re mostly in one area connected with a factory outbreak, BBC Int’North is dreaming through the pandemic unconcerned:

With a population less than twice that of Scotland, N W England has surged to between 3 and 4 times the infection rate. BBC England will be all over that story to inform the folk living there:

No? Oh well, BBC Manchester then?

No, Lancashire then?

Liverpool? Surely?

What, a box connected to the Beatles?

Do they want people to just go on as if nothing has happened?

Nicola! We need a border.

6 thoughts on “England’s most infected area says ‘Pandemic? What Pandemic?’”

  1. Scotland needs to close the border, and quarantine anyone coming in via airports etc…Edin. busy with people who would hav booked for the festival, came anyway even though it’s cancelled, expect a spike very soon. Met nice young woman at local cheese shop other day had just arrived from France, oh, no quarantine? Ah.

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    1. Edinburgh flights have been inundated with people from England many favouring Edinburgh instead of Manchester .
      I’ve been on overseas flights and seen it.
      Even though wearing a mask throughout the flight is compulsory they wear them part-time
      Or under their nose
      English people I’ve met do indeed have a different outlook on covid19

      I’m not a pub goer but I’ve seen the pubs and bars around Europe full of English people this last few weeks shoulder to shoulder not wearing masks watching football drinking til late .
      Countries have seen increases in infections in these areas and decided to close pubs and bars earlier than normal.

      The mindset is different
      That’s England’s Westminster propaganda at work

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  2. Was in Cumbria for the week-end. Keswick on Saturday was very busy. Could have counted the number of people with masks with one hand.
    If we have a second wave, it won’t be a surprise.
    The endless sneering at Sturgeon from Scotland’s colonial media: the indifference of England’s press: the Libertarianism in much of the Commentariat—all conspire to render the public venerable to a second infection.

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  3. My relatives are still in NW England, where I’m originally from, (or should that be from where I originally come).

    Any road up, my daughter’s just had a nasty, but not life threatening operation and they said that they didn’t want to worry me (sic!), but wanted to know how much covid we had in our hospitals and were there separated wards like they have down there.

    I described what happens here and said – as was the case at the time – that we only had 2 people in ICU in the whole of Scotland. 123 cases v 427 and THEY “don’t want to worry” ME! I wondered at the time. I now see why.

    Also told them not to believe what they heard (esp about Scotland) in the papers and the Beeb. Simply used the words “they’re hardly neutral these days”. Conditioning takes time to chip away…


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