Herald publishes letter calling SNP ‘cancerous’

The above rant offers nothing of value to the debate on Scottish independence yet a newspaper calling us to support it’s ‘trusted, quality journalism’ publishes it.

The author is bitter and supposedly fears for his children yet, judging by an Express article in 2014, seems to have been writing this kind of thing to ‘several national newspapers‘ for years now.

He has allegedly suffered abusive replies but has not reported any to the police.

I strongly support his right to comment on politics in Scotland but does he not see that unsubstantiated insults like the ones above will provoke others, like himself, to reply with the same, and a few, more extreme, to offer threats? If you poke a bear too many times and it wounds you, have you no responsibility for what happens?

To deny the clearly ‘civic‘ nature of the movement and to label it ‘a cancer‘, is surely both inaccurate and offensive to thousands of decent folk. Was the clearly British Nationalism of Thatcher or that of Mr Mackay himself, a ‘cancer?’

Does he really think the SNP leadership is narcissistic and rabble-rousing? Sturgeon? Swinney? Freeman? Where is his evidence. Some in the AUOB would probably think the opposite.

Finally, Johnson and Trump; is he really saying the current Scottish government leaders are no better? Really?

Of course that Mr McKay would write such a letter is not the main issue. That a national newspaper with supposed pretensions to quality should publish it, is.

22 thoughts on “Herald publishes letter calling SNP ‘cancerous’”

  1. You’re correct it offer nothing, and is pretty typical of the Herald, didn’t Neil Oliver describe the SNP and Scottish independence as cancerous around the 2014 independence referendum?

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  2. Maybe Socrates can help me. Does anyone check these letters before they are published.? Leaving aside the political slurs, does the letter writer even realise the enormity of a cancer diagnosis? I do, as well as several members of my family. There is certainly a use for this newspaper, and it ain’t reading.

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  3. This rag should print a huge apology for allowing that letter to be published what a disgrace. Didn’t the Nazi’s say similar things about the Jews? The letter is very mixed up, but it’s clearly meant to be, wait, does he support the eegits in the UK and US at the helm? He seems a tad confused, attemptingto confuse, we know these peoples’ game, and they are fakes.

    Scotland is an internationalist country, peaceful, and forward looking with the current government. Any ‘fear’ for his ‘children’ should be coming from the willy waving fascists on both sides of the pond, threatening other countries, invading them, sanctioning poorer countries, taking everything they can get their dirty rotten hands on from the planet for themselves. Terrifying.

    The BritNats are tribal, but it’s the people who are collateral including the children, this guy’s letter is so full of bull. I hope his ‘children’ have a future, like all of ours, but with stupidity at that level, I ‘ fear’ for the future, definitely.

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  4. McKay writes letters to the Scotsman too, and I’m pretty sure this is him on Twitter – @alexandermckay2 – best not to look at his bile!

    He is of course a supporter of everything Brian Wilson says, any Scottish Tory statement on independence, and boy does he love Ian Murray.


  5. First crossed letters with Alexander McKay in September 2007 in the Scotman. People may remember it was once a newspaper of some repute. Alexander wrote nonsense in those distant past days – seems he has finally lost the plot completely in the likelihood of forthcoming Scottish independence. I still have his letters which I read for a laugh from time to time!


    1. Bill Mclean
      Health warning if his old letters cause you
      You to laugh
      Then be prepared if you read his future outpourings
      As such might involuntary induce severe belly laughter which just may induce serious belly ache
      You are respectfully informed


      1. Thanks for the warning “premieroneuk” ( a Fifer like me?). I don’t read any of the so called newspapers he writes in now but I used to contribute to the Express, Scotsman, Herald and latterly the National. More or less given up now as I won’t pay for any of their rubbish or be “click-bait”.


  6. It’s propaganda, plain and simple. Deliberately misrepresentative, and increasingly that is all Britnats have left. Let’s face it, there’s not a single positive reason for staying in such a toxic ‘union’.


  7. He probably has anxieties and rage driven outbursts about many things, maybe just change. Now that Independence is getting closer, all he will see is turmoil ahead and when he lifts his eyes to the horizon where his calvary should coming to his aid all he sees is a couple of clowns on pantomime horses.
    If, as Bill says above he has been at this since 2007, possibly earlier, I marvel at the resilience of some people spleen, by now many would have burst.


  8. This chap is, while a rampant Tory, an ardent supporter of Ian Murray, Labour’s sole MP in Scotland.
    Not because of shared policy aims or political ideals. No, simply they share a hatred of the SNP in general and Nicola Sturgeon in particular.
    The man is maniacal in his detestation of the thought that Scots might succumb to the cancer of nationalism. He fails to look at the carbuncle that is Westminster and see there the festering sore that is a Tory government with a terminal case of myopia as far as his precious union is concerned.
    Consumed by hate and personal vitriol towards the SNP and its leaders the man is at risk of imploding.
    A ringside seat would fetch a premium price at such a spectacle.

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    1. Colin. – McKay has always claimed to be a Labour supporter. Terence – he lives in Edinburgh and claims also to be a Hibee. He does exist – some years ago his picture was in, I think the Express. He was complaining about harrassment from “Nats”. Of course when asked to provide proof there was none! Bitterness rules with that one.


  9. 1) Is he an English McKay
    2) Is he an employee of the Scotsman newspaper

    If not , who is he. .?

    Has anyone bothered to find out who he is or if he even exists

    If he does exist I would like to meet him and speak to him


  10. As with many unionists in Scotland,probably not a democratic bone in his body,all Rule Britannia and Union Jacks.
    Try telling the 62 countries that have parted company with Westminster that their governments are nationalistic cancers.
    For Scottish unionists,it is only Scottish aspirations for self determination which are deemed to be narrow nationalism and some sort of aberration.
    Crazy people.


  11. Here is one from the Scotsman a few years back, which I kept.
    “It is perhaps not surprising that the SNP leader, Alex Salmond, has chosen to return to Scottish politics via the list method. Facing certain defeat and first vote rejection in Gordon, he will be “elected” anyway. Surely, even he must appreciate the ridicule this brings on his party and our country. A system which allows such affronts to democracy must be changed before any more damage is done to Scotland’s image.

    New Cut Rigg
    Considering almost the entire unionist parties in Scotland are now elected by this method, Mackay should grateful for small mercies!!

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