The above rant offers nothing of value to the debate on Scottish independence yet a newspaper calling us to support it’s ‘trusted, quality journalism’ publishes it.

The author is bitter and supposedly fears for his children yet, judging by an Express article in 2014, seems to have been writing this kind of thing to ‘several national newspapers‘ for years now.

He has allegedly suffered abusive replies but has not reported any to the police.

I strongly support his right to comment on politics in Scotland but does he not see that unsubstantiated insults like the ones above will provoke others, like himself, to reply with the same, and a few, more extreme, to offer threats? If you poke a bear too many times and it wounds you, have you no responsibility for what happens?

To deny the clearly ‘civic‘ nature of the movement and to label it ‘a cancer‘, is surely both inaccurate and offensive to thousands of decent folk. Was the clearly British Nationalism of Thatcher or that of Mr Mackay himself, a ‘cancer?’

Does he really think the SNP leadership is narcissistic and rabble-rousing? Sturgeon? Swinney? Freeman? Where is his evidence. Some in the AUOB would probably think the opposite.

Finally, Johnson and Trump; is he really saying the current Scottish government leaders are no better? Really?

Of course that Mr McKay would write such a letter is not the main issue. That a national newspaper with supposed pretensions to quality should publish it, is.