New Scottish Tory leader says he’d vote against something he’s already voted for to ‘throw farming constituents under the bus’

In a boast of his independence to protect Scotland, the new Scottish Tory leader has been able to get away with making a claim to do something that would be unnecessary if he had not already voted to enable it, unchallenged, of course, by any media.

In May, he and all his Tory colleagues at Westminster voted, under pressure from their whip, against an amendment made by other Tories (!) to protect food standards in the UK.

Here’s what The Scottish Farmer had to say:

SCOTS TORY MPs were on the rack this week, after voting against a crucial amendment that would have protected UK farming from sub-standard food imports flooding in under post-Brexit international trade deals.
Last week Westminster MPs were debating and voting on the new UK Agriculture Bill, which will be the foundation of UK food and farming policy once the Brexit process is complete. The ‘New Clause 2′ amendment, tabled by Southern Conservative MP Neil Parish and supported by immediate past Defra Secretary of State Theresa Villiers, would have enshrined in law the principle that imported food must match the quality and animal welfare standards of UK farmers’ production. 

Ahead of the debate, all 650 MPs were contacted by a coalition of all the UK farming unions, landowner and tenant bodies, plus all the major animal welfare and environmental organisations, and asked to vote for the amendment – but the Conservative Government refused to endorse the measure, and it was defeated by 328 to 277 votes.

Among those who voted down the imports standard safeguard were Scots Tories John Lamont, of Berwick Roxburgh and Selkirk, Andrew Bowie of Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, Douglas Ross of Moray, David Duguid of Banff and Buchan, Alister Jack of Dumfries and Galloway – who is also currently Scottish Secretary of State – and his predecessor David Mundell, of Clydeside and Tweedale, all MPs representing rural constituencies that rely heavily on farming.

Immediate past chairman of the National Sheep Association in Scotland, John Fyall asked: “Is there an obvious reason I am missing why the farming constituents were thrown under the bus? Years of work on animal and environmental care thrown away!” Perthshire farmer Jim Fairlie said: “Food and agri produce are very high on the agenda for Washington. They want access to our markets. They want no PGI or food labelling restrictions and they don’t want tariffs.

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24 thoughts on “New Scottish Tory leader says he’d vote against something he’s already voted for to ‘throw farming constituents under the bus’”

  1. Now that a trade deal with Trump has apparently been concluded,although the details are a state secret only known to a few,Tories like DRoss can now spout any old rubbish they like.
    No doubt the claim will be that they were really against it but had to vote with the government because…….

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  2. Gary Robertson gave Mr Ross a fairly challenging interview on GMS today. I felt Mr Ross was getting quite rattled. Mr Ross’s strategy seemed to be to make ‘straw man’ attacks on the SG and then slip in a few words – literally – about his ‘plans’. However, Mr Robertson kept asking what the plans were and how he could reconcile his statement with his voting record.

    They never subjected THE COLONEL to this and Mr Jack rare.y deigns to be interviewed.

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  3. Tories have, for generations, asserted one thing in Scotland, while doing the exact opposite at Westminster. Ruth Davidsons “thirteen Stooges” who were to “fight for the Scottish interest”.
    Carlot–opposed to Brexit, yet couldn’t wait to join the Boris Brexiterers.
    Ruthie, retiring to spend more time with Finn—in Westminster?

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  4. Douglass Ross when pressed about voting against protecting Food Hygiene made the claim that Jonnie Hall director of policy at NFU Scotland had stated that no MP had voted against maintaining food standards (or was it Hygiene).

    How not to keep your members.

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    1. “How not to keep your members.”

      We can only hope…

      Homework for this week:
      Are Scotland-based tories thicker than England-based tories? Discuss. Please show your working.

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  5. Its nothing more than populist sound bites from Boris Johnson’s favourite Scottish minion, we are all aware that everything is on the table with regards to Johnson’s trade deal with Trump. Hopefully the farming and fishing communities will open their eyes and see that Johnson will sell them out at the drop of a hat.

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    1. Mr. Trump is busy right now, please try again later. Trumpety trump. Bozo calls again. Ring ring br brr.. Trump, I’m in a hurry, how much do you want for Scatlan? Is that all? I’ll take it, Bozo! Ends call.
      Biden will inherit Scotland if he’s voted in. Is he trustworthy, nah…


    2. RoS. They haven’t put the Fishing on the table yet (according to the BBC at any rate)
      Will they (can they) postpone announcing that Fishing has been traded away till after May 2021 .


      1. The Union. How it works.
        An Englishman and a Frenchman negotiating who gets to exploit Scotland’s fish stocks.
        Not a Scot in sight–though— if it were Hi Jack or The Dug, we would be better off with a tailors dummy.


  6. Tory English HQ’d branch in Scotland hypocrites strut their stuff, lol, puff up their chests, talk as if they can make decisions and oppose their leader in London, it must be exhsusting.
    D. Ross, the convenience the Tories need in Scotland easily polished. You can just imagine the wee phone call from HQ, Dougie boy, you owe us a favour, remember. Now here’s your remit, get your ar*e down here for some training, first stop the barbers and we’ve got you a new suit. Here’s your ticket lad. Tap on the head, stand up straight boy, feet clicked together, salute to your leaders!
    Reminds me of that guy in Venezuela, Guido, the US plonked him there to lead the coup, a polished little jobsworth. D.Ross is plonked there in WM but only thing he’s leading is a coo if he’s lucky!


  7. Have emailed him about this I don’t expect a reply as he is going down the same road as Davidson who never replied to emails.
    Hypocrites the lot of them.

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    1. They only take instructions, are paid handsomely to be the jumped up mouthpieces of the BritNat establishment. Might as well be actual puppets it would be cheaper, save a few £million for more important things for Scotland. Anyone know any other country where they have paid puppets working for the country next door, to shaft the country they are meant to be standing up for? Apart from pretty much the whole of Latin America, invaded by the US.


    1. Republicofscotland
      And in the case of the ABC & the MSM
      Their offalcutory glands that cannot distinguish between the aromas of faeces
      From a fine perfume


  8. All this ‘farmer fury’ yet we are still to hear from the Scottish farmers Union/associate body, stating they are now in favour of independence to protect their sector….hmm!


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