Research reveals deaths during Covid-19 peak were 27% higher in English care homes

From research published today by the University of Stirling:

Care homes in England experienced the highest increase in excess deaths at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic compared to those in the rest of the UK, according to new research. A study – co-ordinated from the University of Stirling’s Management School – found that care homes in England recorded a 79 percent increase in excess deaths, compared to 66 percent in Wales, 62 percent in Scotland and 46 percent in Northern Ireland.

The lower level in Northern Ireland may reflect the later onset of the pandemic peak there and/or effects of the geographical separation on the use of agency staff.

One thought on “Research reveals deaths during Covid-19 peak were 27% higher in English care homes”

  1. I had an email from a friend in NE England questioning whether ‘lockdown was even necessary’. It seems the seriousness of this pandemic is just not getting through to some, they are denied the truth by their government, and media.
    People need proper information about what’s going on in their communties and how their government are approaching this and doing everything they can to stop the spread of the virus, but in England is that info even available to them? I don’t know, but I worry it is not.

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