Sunday Times Scotland columnist Michael Glackin was shortlisted for financial/business journalist of the year

In the Sunday Times today, the less than appealing, to me anyway, Michael Glackin opens with:

There’s something about Kate Forbes that reminds me of the scary young girl in the cult film The Ring. Certainly, the economy secretary’s shouty response on television when questioned about the latest Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (Gers) figures the other night was fearsome. ITV Borders political editor Peter MacMahon looked decidedly grateful for the protection afforded by social distancing. But more frightening is Forbes’s inability to master facts. The increase in Scotland’s notional deficit to 8.6%, from 7.4%, is deeply worrying. Our deficit is almost double that of Zimbabwe’s, which is currently running at 4.5%. The UK deficit was 2.5%, against 1.1% a year earlier. Last week’s figures, compiled by the Scottish government, are bad news for the SNP and Scotland, and no amount of shouting will change that.

Bear in mind that’s the best pic they could manufacture of Glackin, years ago, after hours of fussing with lighting and tantrums from him. His old guy criticises intelligent and attractive young woman prepared to stand-up for herself and us, is positively Trumpian-creepy.

As for the ‘shouty response‘, it seemed just ‘strong‘ to me and far more acceptable than the water buffalo-bullish bellowing of Ruth Davidson. I’m guessing she’s more his type.

And, ‘mastering facts?’ He gives himself away there. GERS is all estimates and no facts. Real economists, as opposed to some business correspondents have long since dumped GERS. Even BBC Scotland’s Brain Taylor gets it now: