From the BBC today:

The learning gap between rich and poor primary age pupils in England has widened for the first time since 2007, analysis of government data suggests.

In the Holyrood magazine on 19th December 2019:

Scotland’s Chief Statistician has today published a range of statistics, including those on school pupils’ achievement of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) levels in reading and numeracy. The gap between the proportion of primary pupils in P1, P4 and P7 from the most and least deprived areas who achieved their expected levels in literacy and numeracy remains, although slight improvements have been made in literacy since 2016/17.,attainment-gap-persists-in-scottish-schools-new-figures-show_14861.htm

As demonstrated in the Spirit Level and as long-recognised by those of us who worked in schools, changes only within schools are likely to have limited and transient effects. What we need to close all gaps is a more equal society.

With that in mind, the Tory government’s trimming of welfare benefits and weakening of employee rights are coming home to roost and the SNP government’s efforts to moderate those effects through housing and welfare initiatives are visible.