Latest: Public health directors act quickly to protect lives in spike areas

What is the news?

Lots of care homes have temporarily suspended visits by relatives to elderly vulnerable residents in care homes where there has been a spike in infections in the surrounding area.

So, that’s good isn’t it? Being cautious to save lives and acting quickly to do so?

Have Monica Lennon and Miles Briggs been on to commend the public health directors? No? They’re still working out how they can get an attack on the SNP Government, out of this story? Once they have something, will the Herald publish it, even if it’s not really tenable? You will?

What about the ‘others’ missing the deadline for proposals to get visits back in place? Who are they? Are they mostly council, voluntary or private homes? Could you find out and tell us? No?

6 thoughts on “Latest: Public health directors act quickly to protect lives in spike areas

  1. ‘Banned’. That Nicola, banning people so they don’t spread disease eh. That’s the ‘news’. The ‘news’ is like weather at the mo, one minute torrential SNP bad, the next, drip drip, SNP bad. Where is that orange ball in the sky? Maybe some rays of sunshine would help the Britnats shine a light on the real topics of the year so far, like the utter mismanagement of everything by the EngUKGov.

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  2. Heard yesterday that Donald Cameron is the Health Secretary for the Tory Branch Office in Scotland. Sounded ultra posh . Miles Briggs is now the Chief Whip, no doubt because of his physical size.

    The new leader of the Scottish Tories branch office , Dominic Cummings must have decided time to shuffle the social misfits.



    Only interested in furthering HER CAREER
    HOW SELFISH EH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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