Conservative MP and official Douglas Ross. Picture: SNS/Craig Foy
SNS/Craig Foy

Survation‘s poll for 21st August has a Scottish sub-sample of only 72 so we must remain sanguine as we, nevertheless, enjoy the Tory score of only 13%, as Douglas Ross settles into the job.

Here’s the whole thing:

  • Con 13%
  • Lab 19%
  • LD 11%
  • SNP 54%

Given that the SNP and Labour figures are in line with other polls, maybe the Con figure will turn out to be an early warning of the Ross effect – a Lib Dem surge?

It’s also entertaining to look sideways and see Tory support holding up at over 40% across England, suggesting, possibly, the 13% figure is a Ross-effect. I like to think so.

Coincidentally, only 13% of the Scots were favourable toward Boris Johnson compared to over 40% across England.