Wee poll has Scottish Tories at 13%!

Conservative MP and official Douglas Ross. Picture: SNS/Craig Foy
SNS/Craig Foy

Survation‘s poll for 21st August has a Scottish sub-sample of only 72 so we must remain sanguine as we, nevertheless, enjoy the Tory score of only 13%, as Douglas Ross settles into the job.

Here’s the whole thing:

  • Con 13%
  • Lab 19%
  • LD 11%
  • SNP 54%

Given that the SNP and Labour figures are in line with other polls, maybe the Con figure will turn out to be an early warning of the Ross effect – a Lib Dem surge?

It’s also entertaining to look sideways and see Tory support holding up at over 40% across England, suggesting, possibly, the 13% figure is a Ross-effect. I like to think so.

Coincidentally, only 13% of the Scots were favourable toward Boris Johnson compared to over 40% across England.


9 thoughts on “Wee poll has Scottish Tories at 13%!”

  1. A tenuous link, but interesting:
    Could this sort of action by a Loyalist protestor (rioter?) be contributing to the slump in the Tory vote.
    Note the BBC can’t bring itself to mention the word “loyalist” or “unionist” as the correct description of McCaig, he is just a “protestor”. A quick read of the article might well lead to a conclusion that the violence was due to the Irish Republican marchers, maybe that is the BBC’s intent?


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