Using a report which seems to be more about the lack of transparency of the UK Government and SAGE, the Herald‘s Caroline Wilson uses it as an excuse to re-run fake news on the Scottish Government’s handling of the pandemic:

That the re-opening of schools has resulted in a steady growth of cases is a lie. Other than in one school, the small increases (20 or so out of 800 000 pupils and staff returning) have been due to community transmission of people who also happen to be teachers or pupils at a school. Professor Sridhar has summed up the situation after two weeks as ‘overwhelmingly positive‘ and called these incidents ‘bumps.’ Berlin with only 3.5 million citizens compared to Scotland’s 5.4 million has had cases in 41 schools.

Large scale research by the ONS and MHA which has homes in Scotland, has definitively shown that the spread of the virus in care homes was due to the use of agency staff and the failure to offer sick pay to affected staff. There is, I repeat for the umpteenth tine, no evidence at all, from anywhere, that prioritising the NHS caused any deaths in care homes.

How can a government prioritise a state-owned NHS over a care home system largely privately-owned?

As for ‘investing in (unused) health care facilities‘, this is a foul-smelling dig worthy only of the Scottish Conservatives. On expert advice the Louisa Jordan was set up to save lives should the pandemic get out of control. Does Wilson, a mere hack, feel better equipped to have made a different decision? Imagine what might have happened?

Even the ‘unused‘ jibe is inaccurate. The LJ has been used for orthopaedic outpatient consultations, will be used for staff training, teaching and examinations due to the clinical facilities and the space available to maintain physical distancing and, of course, the winter approaches. What do you think Wilson? You’re the big expert? Close it?