Should the Tusker set up its own covert letter-writing group like SiU?

In the Herald today, a great letter, arguing points I’ve made but with greater articulation and style. As I read it, I thought that reminds me of something. It’s this:

but once I read my own post again, I was disappointed by the quality. Leah Gunn Barrett writes far better than wot I do.

And s(he) has a great name too!

Luckily, I’m a big ideas man. How about we set up a letter writing group where followers of the Tusker write to the Herald and the Scotsman or phone Kay Adams and repeat the points either I’ve made here or better still improve them?

You could either stay covert like the SiU lot or admit you’re ‘of the Tusker?’

17 thoughts on “Should the Tusker set up its own covert letter-writing group like SiU?”

  1. I think that’s a great idea John, I have given it some thought before especially when I occasionally dip into the BBC HYS section but never actually did anything (and refuse to sign in or register to their website anyway). There’s some clued in folk in the guardian comments section but plenty room for some well argued letters like Leah’s in other papers. Kaye Adams is a step too far for me, though it would be good to hear some positive arguments. I suspect though that those willing to contribute probably already are when they can

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      1. Hi The e mail provider is PROTONMAIL set up by Scientists in 2013 in Geneva Who were working/met @ CERN research Check it out please Only sender & receiver are able to read The messages Yours J.B.Doyle9

        On Wed, 26 Aug 2020 15:07 The Tusker [Scotland’s No.1 Anti-Warking Site], wrote:

        > johnrobertson834 commented: “Go for it!” >


  2. A pro-active approach to countering the endless propaganda and lies is a good idea. I’d be happy to pester the hell out of them, but like others, I doubt I could bring myself to contact the Adams horror. It wid stick in ma craw.

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  3. Can this be done via e mail
    As i have 100% encrypted secure system
    And no way whatsoever will they ever release records or details to any
    In fact if you found using it in Russia
    You go to jail
    Perfect for becoming a mole that none can whack


  4. Good idea John. However, I still think, since what letter gets published, and when, is still down to the Herald editorial staff, we would probably still be out-posted by about five to one by the long-established, pro-union, green ink group.

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  5. “You could either stay covert like the SiU lot or admit you’re ‘of the Tusker?’” – Fight them at their own game of anonymity whilst exposing theirs simultaneously seems like a good plan, perhaps Poison Herringbone of Peterhead etc may shake their cabal a shade…

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  6. As I read that letter this morning I realised where the information in the letter had come from.

    Yes I think more letters like this should be sent to papers both local and Scotland wide. The green ink brigade tend to be content-free or skewed towards omission.


  7. My first reaction to your question was the papers wouldn’t print pro-Scottish letters. Even though the letter you highlight proved me wrong, I think an increase in the number might well raise their suspicions and their barriers. However, it could be worth a try. It would be great if it worked.

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  8. Our small letter writing group in Edinburgh has been inspired by posts from the Tusker. However, we would prefer if our efforts remain under the radar as anything seen to be organised would undoubtedly be seized upon by unionists to discredit us. It would be good if others in our movement started small letter writing groups. It’s quite remarkable what has been published since we started in late June.

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  9. ‘Scotland in Union’ were given space yesterday in the Scotsman to give their opinion on GERS. An overt ‘Talking up Scotland Collective’ could ask for a right to reply to these opinion pieces, in the interests of balance.

    Additionally, whilst The Scotsman and The Herald will always overload on Unionist letters and articles, they do print pro-independence letters. At a time when people are clearly open to changing their minds, well written letters which debunk misinformation and highlight the benefits of independence can help to win over soft No’s.


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