BBC Scotland pushes back against surge in support for Independence with racism

Former (?) Tory Youth chairman, accused of anti-Semitism in 2018, but of course ‘a proud Scot’, James Bundy appears again on BBC Scotland to push the latest strategy to counter the surge in support for independence, apparent in repeated polls recently.

Though the move is led by and thus somewhat undermined right at the start by the sickly comedy twins, Galloway and Gove, a more dangerous covert element as in Bundy, is appearing across Scottish media to pretend a more grassroots support for the idea.

The franchise for a Scottish independence referendum was established and in 2013 and passed by Parliament:

Any attempt to change the franchise would require the passing of an amendment. There is no support for such a change within Scotland or in the parties dominating the democratic processes in her parliament. All but the Tories (?) would oppose the introduction of a franchise based on ethnicity, place of birth, if only because to do so would, logically, then remove the rights of EU and English (500 000) citizens living here.

BBC Scotland’s role in platforming the idea is anti-democratic and in essence, racist.

The notion, raised in the introduction, that this is somehow cross-party because Galloway is a former Labour MP is frankly ridiculous.

6 thoughts on “BBC Scotland pushes back against surge in support for Independence with racism”

  1. Pacific Quay hosts Unionist love-in to float a notion for Scotland born in England by two Unionist muppets damned few would give the time of day.

    When Gove commented “interesting”, I’d bet he was him figuring how many postal votes would then be “available”….

    The rules and the question from 2014 were no less reasonable then than they are now…

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  2. Desperate aren’t they. Wanting to move the goal posts to suit themselves, as usual. BBC Scotland have become the enemy of Scotland, and are billing the people for the privilege. Many more waking up though, which is good.

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  3. Breaking news
    It has been revealed that the true leader of all matters pertaining to No to Indy Ref 2
    Is none other than K I N G
    Not only that he always has been and can never ever be disposed of as the leader


      1. You are far too polite with Cnut
        Ammend to read C**t
        But the title of King would have to undergo SRS in order to change gender


    1. I think Cnut get a bad press.

      The whole point of him ordering the sea back was to show idiots who thought he could turn that tide that they were idiots because he couldn’t.

      Put like that, I’d quite like to think that the Revered Leader WAS actually saying “You know what, let’s try to turn the tide…”

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